AutoDS Supported Suppliers and Selling channels

Check out this Help Article to learn which suppliers and selling channels are supported on AutoDS

AutoDS supported suppliers

Our supported suppliers are listed below, divided into:

  • Order and tracking automation-  Suppliers with V under 'Auto orders and tracking updates', can be automated for ordering and tracking updates using your buy accounts. Read here to learn more.
  • Tracking updates only- Suppliers with V under 'tracking updates only' have the option to automate tracking updates only using your own buy account. Read here to learn more.
  • Fulfillment by AutoDS- Suppliers with V under 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' are supported by our orders fulfillment service. Read here to learn more.
  • Tracking conversion- Suppliers with V under tracking conversion have an available option for converting all your tracking numbers coming from the different carriers into unique tracking formats - BlueCare, Aquiline, or Qtrack. Read here to learn more.



If you're looking for a supplier with fast shipping, high-quality products, special discounts for AutoDS dropshippers, branding your logo on packages, and easy payment - check the AutoDS warehouse full guide


AutoDS supported selling channels:

If there’s a supplier or a marketplace you wish us to consider, you can add it to our AutoDS feature request pageOur product team will consider it and might add it in the future 🌟

Links to the best dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers

If you have any more questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to help you.