How to Add a Buy Account for the Automation of Your Orders?

Allow AutoDS to automate your orders and save you time on the fulfillment of your orders - learn how you can add Buy Accounts for auto-ordering automation

To set the automation of the orders you can either use the 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' Service or you can use your own buy accounts and have your orders automated. 

You can find which suppliers and regions are supported for the 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' service here

For Auto-Orders (orders automatically placed by using your own Buy Account) the following suppliers/regions are supported by AutoDS
Amazon US, UK, FR, DE

For Tracking number updates only the following suppliers/regions are supported by AutoDS
Walmart US
Homedepot US
Amazon US, UK, FR, DE

You can watch this video to learn or to follow the manual instructions below the video


To add your own buy account, go to your Settings Buy Accounts tab and click on + Add Account

A window will open with 3 tabs. 

Start with the first one - Account details: 

Choose one of our supported suppliers for orders automation: 

Then choose the region:

Note ❗️For Aliexpress always add region CN as it represents the Global Aliexpress Site

Continue to fill in the account's email and password, billing full name, zip code, and the billing phone number. The system needs this information for verification questions that might be asked at login by the buy site. 

The last field on this tab requires a verification code. This is retrieved from Amazon when you set our authenticator app. To learn how to get this code please follow this guide


After you inserted all the details and verified they are valid and correct, click Next:

On the next stage, you will need to choose your payment method on the source site. Choose between a gift card or a credit card payment:

If you chose credit card, click +Add Card and fill in all details:

Click Next to continue to the settings tab where you need to choose the following:

1- Max pending orders - set how many orders that are on 'Ordered' status on your orders page on AutoDS do you wish to have before the system can place more on your buy account. 'Ordered' means they were placed but still did not get a tracking number on the source site. (This feature was mainly created as a protection mechanism for Amazon accounts).

2- Daily Orders price limit- set up a daily limit for the use of your gift card balance for this Amazon account. For example, let's say you wish only $100 to be used on this account daily, just insert the number 100. The system will not place more orders after it reached the $100 limit. It will then disable the account for auto-ordering and will reactivate it the next day (24 hours cycle by UTC+0/ GMT+3). 

3- Auto Order - the system will automatically send the order to process once detected from the selling site (= full-automation).
If you choose not to check it, the sold item will appear in your orders page with the 'Pending' status, and it will wait for you to either manually purchase it, or to send it to process by changing its status to 'Send to Auto Order' (= semi-automation).

4- Auto tracking numbers - check this box if you wish the system to automatically update the tracking numbers received on your buy account to your selling account for your buyers to be notified. 

5- Order scan - By enabling this feature, you will be notified by email if orders exist on your Amazon account but not on AutoDS. Using this method, you can find duplicate orders placed on Amazon. Click here to learn about this feature more. 


Once you completed all settings, click Add and the account will be added. You will be able to view and edit all your buy accounts from the Buy Accounts tab on your Settings page. 

Also, you will have the option to filter your buy accounts by several fields - Supplier, GC balance value and more.
If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.