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AutoDS Product Sourcing Service

AutoDS sourcing as an alternative to Chinese suppliers! Learn how to get better prices and shipping to fulfill your orders

What is AutoDS product sourcing?

With AutoDS sourcing, you can fulfill products from China using our agents rather than Aliexpress or other suppliers.

The AutoDS Sourcing service offers more control over the product, better shipping times, and pre-shipment inspections.

What are the benefits of using AutoDS sourcing?

These are some common struggles when working with Chinese suppliers such as;

  1. Long shipping time
  2. Quality of products - products are not being inspected, customers can get defective products, causing bad reviews
  3. Customer support- reaching and communicating with Aliexpress is not easy

AutoDS sourcing offers different solutions for these problems, as mentioned before.

How can I request AutoDS sourcing for an order?

There are two ways to request a quote:

Quotes can be requested after receiving an order for an unmonitored product or a Chinese supplier only (except Wish).

The 'Request Sourcing' option will appear once you have such an order:
On the orders page, you will have a section for Sourcing, click on the "Request Sourcing +. By clicking on it, you will be directed to the quote related to this order or start the quote process for this order/product.

Sourcing requests status

To view all sourcing requests and their statutes, it will be displayed on the Sourcing Request column on the orders page. The status of the sourcing request will also be visible on the orders page, sourcing column for easy access.

You can click on "Review Sourcing" to check on the request directly from orders page.


  • New - there is no information about this product yet. You can click on Request a quote
  • In progress - the product is in the quoting process, which can take up to 48 hours
  • Cannot be sourced - our agents are not able to fulfill this product
  • Ready - You have got a quote for the product
  • Linked - the quote is linked to a product

How do I apply a sourcing request to my order?

When the request is under 'Ready' status,  to see the request results - click on the product image or 'Sourcing Details' button, and you will be taken to a page where you can see all the variations we found for the product, the price, the shipping, the description, and check that it is indeed the same item.

**This information is only for your review; it will not change anything about the product at this time.


To apply AutoDS sourcing to your product, click the 'Link product' button and specify the right variation for your product if prices and shipping methods work for you.

You can also apply it on unfulfilled orders of this product by checking this box, and the buy ID will be changed accordingly.

Note ❗️

  • A quoted order (after you link a new product from the given options) will also change the original product's buy ID. However, only the Buy ID will change, not the images or anything else. If you wish, you can change the images as shown in the quote for the order. So the future orders will have the new product.
  • When you request a quote, you might get offers for similar, not identical products but with better prices or shipping times from any Chinese supplier.
  • The new supplier will not be visible on the order or the product. It will displayed as AutoDS Sourcing


If, for any reason, you choose not to fulfill the order with AutoDS sourcing, you can edit the order, select 'Fulfill this order using a different product' and update the supplier and buy ID.

Sourcing messages center

If you have questions about a quote before and after linking it to a product or order, you can send a message.

Via Quote Details button →Message about this Quote

Via orders which are linked to a Quote → Send message about this order


Payment to AutoDS sourcing is by the Fulfilled by AutoDS balance. Click here to learn how to load balance.

Sourcing Returns Policy

No returns are accepted for the sourced products or orders. 
In case a wrong recipient name and/or address has been provided, returns and refunds will not be possible. 
On rare occasions, the Chinese carrier may judge that the product is very large in volume, and may readjust the shipping cost in accordance with volume metrics, resulting in more expensive shipping. This is unfortunately unforeseeable as it depends on each carrier's checks and judgment. 

Note 📝

In case you receive a damaged product or parts missing from your order you can contact us within 7 business days from the delivery date of your order.
After this time frame, we won't be able to accommodate further requests.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the support chat - we are happy to help.