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How to Set Up the Pricing Settings of Your Products?

Decide how you wish your items to be priced - keep reading for a complete how-to guide

You can watch this video to learn or to follow the manual instructions below the video:


Please check the featured numbers in the following image. You will find a detailed explanation of each featured number underneath the image.

Go to Settings➞Store settingsPricing

1 - Select Store - Make sure to select the store you wish to edit

2- Supplier -Select the supplier you wish to apply the settings on

3- Product Cost -Your final product's cost is calculated by the fees and profits you set. This section gives you a preview of your product’s cost according to these parameters.

4-Fees- The Fees are a percentage that consists of your stores and your payments fees.

Clicking on "Help me calculate"  button will open a window that will help you easily calculate the percentage of the fee you should use.

5- Additional Profit in % -Set your additional profit in % 

6- Additional Profit in $- Set your additional profit in $

7- Default Automation- Choose if you want to apply the automation rules you created. You can learn more about the automations feature in this link

8- Minimum profit per product- The minimum profit you want to get per product.

9- Dynamic Profit - activating this feature allows you to set a dynamic profit for your products by a product cost range. The default starting product range is 0. Once you set the first range and rule, you will be able to add more rules or choose to remove them as in the example below: 

In Shopify stores only you will see this setting:

Compare Price - this feature will create a comparison of 'before and after' the price of your products. You can choose to show a $ or % discount on the price. If we choose $10:

This is how it will look on your Shopify account:



10- Set Price Cents Value- add a decimal cent value to all your products. The system will round the price to the decimal value you selected. Please Note: it is possible that this feature will decrease your final profit settings to be less than the minimum profit you have set up.

11 - Include Shipping Price - if you check this box, the system will factor in the shipping price presented on the source listed on the supplier's site in your final source price. 

12-Apply Changes Also To Existing Products - if you check this box, the system will apply the pricing changes you're about to save to all of your existing monitored products. 


IMPORTANT: You can and should set the pricing settings for each of your suppliers.

To add more suppliers, click the + Add Supplier icon on the left bottom of the screen. Read more about it here

Simply choose the supplier on the left-hand side, and edit its settings for the selected store:

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.