How to Set Up Automation For Your Orders - Semi & Full Automation

Learn how to use AutoDS order automation service to fully take advantage of your account and save time!



To save time and trouble, you can set up auto-ordering for your buyers' orders.

On AutoDS, we have two ways to process your orders automatically:

  1. The Fulfilled By AutoDS Service -The Fulfilled By AutoDS Service automatically handles 100% of your orders (for supported suppliers). Recommended 🌟
    This means you no longer need to deal with the orders on the source site, cancellations, returns, or the fear of having your source account restricted.
    You only need to load money on your AutoDS account, and we will process everything for you. The entire life span of the order will be handled for you: placing the order, updating tracking, and processing a return label when needed.
    You'll be able to read more about it here. 
    If you wish to use this method, follow the steps shown in the following article:
    How to Opt-in & Configure the 'Fulfilled By AutoDS Service'?
  2. Buy accounts - In this method, you must add your buy account to AutoDS (Amazon/Aliexpress account). And we will use your buy account to purchase and process your orders automatically.
    If you wish to use this method, follow the steps shown in the following article:

    How to Add a Buy Account for the Automation of Your Orders?


The auto orders are currently working in full automation for Amazon (US, UK, FR, DE) and AliExpress.

If you are using Walmart or Home Depot as your suppliers, you can have tracking updated by adding the buy account.

Once you have decided what is the right method for you, please navigate to:

Settings ➞ Supplier Settings ➞ Orders

You will need to select or add the supplier (if not on the list) and then you will set up the orders settings (tab) for each of your selected suppliers (enabled for supported suppliers for automation only). 

Please check the featured numbers in the following image. You will find a detailed explanation of each featured number underneath the image.

1- Use the Fulfilled by AutoDS Service - checking this will opt you into AutoDS' complete order fulfillment system. All the orders will be processed for you without you having to open your own source account. You can read more about it here

2- Automatic orders Fulfill (Requires Buy Account or 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' orders management)- This feature will immediately fulfill orders as soon as they are detected in your store (=full automation). If you choose not to check it, the orders will appear on your orders page with a 'Pending' status, and they will wait for you to either manually place them or send them to the automation process by clicking on the dropdown menu and clicking the next step: Send to Auto Order


If you use AutoDS fulfilled services, ensure both 'Use the Fulfilled by AutoDS Service' & and 'Automatic orders' are checked.
If you use a Buy account, please ensure only 'Automatic orders' are checked.

3- Hipshipper - check this box if you want to work with Hipshipper integration to boost your sales! You can just read here to learn more.

4- Override Customer’s Phone Number -  if you turn this feature on, the system will use the number 9999999999 instead of the buyer's phone number. 

5- Mark order as Delivered automatically- you can decide that the order will be marked as delivered after X days. Otherwise, the order will be changed to delivered according to it's ETA.

6- Set order as shipped- eBay users sometimes want to mark their orders as shipped regardless of whether they are actually shipped. The 'shipped' status on eBay orders is currently automatically updated once the tracking number is available, but you can ask the system not to do it by changing this setting:

If you choose;

Shipped status - the order will be updated to ‘Shipped’ when it is actually shipped

Ordered status -  the order will be updated to ‘Shipped’ as soon as it is ordered

Order is received - the order will be updated to ‘Shipped’ as soon as the buyer places it

7- Tracking conversion- you can choose whether your orders will be converted to Bluecare or QTrack.

8- Maximum Purchase Order Price - the maximum amount you allow for auto-ordering. For example, if the price of a product is more than $500, the auto-order will fail as protection - allowing you to review it first before sending it to process or order it manually.

9- Maximum Loss- the maximum loss you are willing to take. For example, if there was a sale with a loss of $3 (the price was raised after the last scan) and your maximum loss amount was set to $1, the system will fail the order to avoid the loss.

10-Automatic Messages To Buyers- Clicking on the ✎ icon will allow you to edit the gift message sent to the customer. Click here to learn more.


 On this page, you will also find your unique tracking email. Read here to learn how to use it.


IMPORTANT: You can and should be able to set the order settings for each supplier. To add more suppliers, click the + Add Supplier icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Simply choose the supplier on the left-hand side, and edit its settings:


AutoDS Tip💡

We suggest you read the following blogs on our site to gain insights into various methods of order fulfillment. 


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.