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Hand-Picked Products Feature

Learn how to effortlessly upload analyzed products to your store with just one click.

Hand-Picked Products is a feature that you can find as an addition to our Marketplace feature. It allows you to import items that have gone through an in-depth and complete analysis of our team, including how sellers run their campaigns, target audience, potential profit, and more detailed information.

Start your dropshipping journey with best sellers' hand-picked items that are great to sell and ready to be imported into your store.

To get to the Hand-Picked products section, just click on Marketplace → Hand-Picked products:



Product information

Click on the product image to be forwarded to all product details; the information is divided to 5 tabs:

  1. Product analysis
  2. Product info
  3. Specifications
  4. Policy
  5. Reviews

Product Analysis

  1. Potential profit if sold by the recommended price
  2. Engagement Score - This score reflects the level of audience interaction with the product based on likes, shares, and views. A higher score indicates greater popularity and customer interest. It helps identify products that are resonating well with the audience.

  3. Saturation Score - This score measures the market saturation based on the number of competitors selling similar products. A lower score suggests less competition, indicating a potential niche market.

  4. Target Audience- The target audience for your later marketing of this product. Based on gender, age, and status
  5. Social ads- Links to the product ads in social media
  6. Competitors- list of more sites that are selling this product

  7. Similar products - search for similar products from other suppliers (Amazon, Aliexpress, and Facebook)


Product info

Product's description according to the supplier



Product specifications such as origin, materials etc


Product's policies according to the supplier


Other buyers' reviews for this product

Note that the shipping policy terms are displayed here:


Add product to your store

To add the product to your store, just click on '+ Import Draft' button, and the product will be added to your drafts section. Click here to learn how to edit and managed your drafts. 


We provide 4 products for free, which you can test and try on your account 🌟.

Please note that you must enable the Finding Hub add-on in your account. To enable the add-on, go to settings -> plans & add-ons. the price is $14.97 per month. 


Frequently asked questions

  1. How many products are available in the Hand-Picked products feature?

    100+ products are available, and we are adding 3 - 5 new items daily.
  2. What is the difference between AutoDS Finder and the Hand-Picked Product feature?

    AutoDS finder is ideal for users who want to import products in bulk, while the Hand-Picked product feature is suitable for users who prefer handpicked items that are great to sell.
  3. Does the Product Finding Hub Add-on have a trial?

    We have provided 4 products for free which allows the user to test and try the feature. These products can be found at the top of the page. Once you enable the Product Finding Hub add-on, you will be paying the full amount of $14.97,  which will be billed monthly on top of your subscription plan. This will give you full access to this feature.

  4. From which suppliers will the Hand-Picked products be? 

    Aliexpress, Amazon, AutoDS Wharehouse and Private Suppliers. 

If you have further questions concerning this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.