Why My Order Doesn't Appear on My AutoDS Orders Page?

Learn how why it happens and how to overcome it


Note - If you use a Facebook store, the orders won't display on your orders page as the orders feature is not available yet on this platform.

How does AutoDS monitor my orders? 

AutoDS monitors all the orders received on your selling platform, both monitored and unmonitored.

The orders without products are not monitored, meaning, orders that their Buy ID's is unknown should look like this:

We highly recommend clicking on the 'Add product' section and the correct ID for this order.


Why am I missing an order on my AutoDS account? 

When an order does not appear on your AutoDS account, it means, in most cases, that the item does not exist anymore on the selling site.  It was either deleted by you or by the selling platform. 

If the product is no longer active on your selling channel and you received an order for it before it had ended, it will not populate to your AutoDS account. You will need to process the order manually. 

What can I do if I am missing an order? 

Do the following actions:

1.  Renew the store's token 

2. Re-sync store 

Warning: Please note you should not renew the token if you have a non-API store on eBay. 


Go to the edit of your stores

First, renew token [1] and then re-sync Store [2]

The Re-new token will send you to your selling channel to approve AutoDS and give us API permissions. The Re-sync button will check again all your recent untracked products and orders. 

Please wait for an hour after renewing your token and re-syncing your store for the orders to populate in your account.

The missing order is on eBay, are there more specific checks I can do? 

If the orders are on eBay, please make sure to check the following: 

  • The order was paid and is awaiting shipment. 
  • The original listing is still active and available on eBay. 
  • The order is from the supported region. If you added a US eBay account, the order cannot be from a listing on eBay.de on the same account. For this you will need to add the same eBay account with the region Germany, then you will view this order and any untracked listings. 

I have done these actions, and I am still missing orders on AutoDS. What now?

Please open a ticket to the support team (click here to open a ticket).

Provide us with the following, so we can best assist you: 

  • Store name
  • List of sell ids for the products you miss orders for - best if you will send the links to the items.
  • Specify whether you have renewed the store token and re-synced it.

Other reasons why an order will not appear on your AutoDS account 

▪️ On eBay: AutoDS could not change the item's quantity back to 1 due to eBay's error or due to a  problem with your eBay limits.

▪️ On eBay: If your store is connected as a non-API one, and your computer was turned off (the Chrome extension was not running), the system could not update the untracked products and orders. You can wait one hour from the moment you got connected, or you can click 'Run Orders Sync Now (Last 7 days)' on the extension button. 

▪️ On all selling platforms: may have a bug transmitting the order's data. There is no solution for it - we recommend that you fulfill the order manually. 


If you have further questions concerning this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.