What is the difference between Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops?

In this article, we will see the main differences between the 2 Facebook selling channels and the features that AutoDS supports for each one.

AutoDS supports both Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Shops.

Facebook Marketplace is more like a channel where individuals can sell their own used products. It has been expanded though, and small sellers can use it to sell new products as long as they comply with the limitations that this business model has.

Facebook Shops are used by sellers who have a large volume of items to sell and want a professional storefront for their buyers.

AutoDS supported features for Facebook Marketplace:

  • Connecting your Facebook Marketplace account. You can find the detailed step-by-step procedure in this article.
  • Uploading products. The products are uploaded to AutoDS Products page and after that, the user needs to use the Marketplace Dropshipping Helper to add the product to his Facebook Marketplace account. For more information please read the article: How to Add Products to Facebook Marketplace?
  • Price and Stock Monitoring. AutoDS will scan all of your products on the source site for price and stock changes and will update them according to your settings.

AutoDS supported features for Facebook Shops

You can watch our full tutorial on how to start selling on Facebook shops 🤓

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