What is the Difference Between an API Account and a Non-API Account?

Learn the difference between the two account types, and which method is best for you.

We updated our blog with a very detailed explanation of the differences between API and non-API accounts. 

Please check this blog post to learn the differences: 



When it comes to the differences on AutoDS, here are the main ones: 

  • Adding a non-API eBay account will result in an additional charge to your monthly subscription. For each non-API account added you will pay an additional $9.97 per month. 
  • Tracking numbers won't update automatically on eBay, only on your AutoDS orders page.
  • AutoDS Customer support feature(eBay Message center) is not supported.


If you still have questions after reading the blog and you're not sure which store connection type suits you, contact us at the support. We will be happy to help you.