What is the Difference between an eBay API Integration and eBay Non-API Integration?

Learn the difference between the two account types, and which method works best for your needs

We've updated our blog with a detailed explanation of the differences between API and non-API accounts. 

Please check this blog post to learn the differences: 



When it comes to the differences in AutoDS, here are the main ones: 

  • For non-API integrated stores, users must install the Chrome browser and the AutoDS' Non-API extension on their computers. The Chrome browser and the AutoDS Non-API extension must be up and running to have the supported features working properly (products imports, price & stock monitoring, orders pulling from your eBay store).
  • The main unsupported features of the non-API version are:
  1. Tracking Numbers Updates: Tracking numbers won't update automatically on eBay, only on your AutoDS orders page (relevant to all solutions - manual updates, automated tracking numbers updates, and fulfilled by AutoDS). 
  2. AutoDS Customer support feature(eBay Message center) is not supported.
  3. The automatic messages to buyers feature won't work on your non-API integration.
  4. There is no option to use policies that were set up directly on eBay - only Dynamic. AutoDS dynamic policies will override it when the product is updated
  5. Product images & item specifics editing for existing products is not supported for the non-API integration.
  • Pricing: Adding a non-API eBay account will require an additional charge to your monthly subscription. For each non-API account added, you will pay $9.97 per month. 

For your information, we checked and researched over 10K active stores of AutoDS dropshippers.  We did not find any difference in terms of the success of stores between the API and the Non-API version. However, we could see how much the API version works smoother and better for these users who enjoy the full scope of AutoDS services. 


We highly recommend using the API version to enjoy the best monitoring experience and all of AutoDS automation features. If you still decide to work with the non-API integration, please have your computer on 24/7 or run the extension at least a few times a day to update your prices and stocks.

If you still have questions after reading the blog and are unsure which store connection type suits you, contact us at the support. We will be happy to help you.