What are the requirements of becoming a supplier on AutoDS?

AutoDS for Suppliers: Learn about the requirements list of AutoDS suppliers program

By taking part in the AutoDS for Suppliers program, you will have access to thousands of Dropshippers looking to grow their businesses with new and unique products.

This will give your store high exposure, and AutoDS dropshippers will have a wide selection of niches and products, it's a win-win 💫

So what are the requirements for suppliers to qualify for AutoDS?
  • Your products must be manufactured or stored in your own warehouses.  A reseller without inventory does not qualify as a supplier.
  • Your company must be registered and reliable
  • You must provide high-quality products with product photography and descriptions that are ready to market.
  • You must offer AutoDS dropshippers wholesale prices or discounts compared to retail prices.
  • Retail dropshipping products should not require a minimum order quantity.
  • Packages should not contain any branded marketing materials.
  • Private Suppliers should have as a default currency USD $ in their Shopify store.
    - This is because our platform does not yet support currencies other than the US dollar ($), as all transactions will be processed in this currency. Just so you know, if you complete all the different requirements, your account due to currency issue will remain in a pending status for a while. 




AutoDS Suppliers are exclusive with high-quality.

Each supplier undergoes a verification process where we review their store, policies, and products. Your application will be considered if you meet the requirements stated above. 

Please be aware that AutoDS has the right to remove suppliers who violate these requirements and,
It only supports the USA as a ship-to country for now.