Auto-Orders (aka AO) Failures and Workarounds

Learn how to solve the error for which your automatic order failed

If an order fails, you will see a failure reason for it when you hover over the red question mark icon:

You can also click the View Image link to get a print screen of the last page where our auto-order bot stopped before the order failed: 

AutoDS Tip💡

We suggest reading the following blogs on our site to gain insights into various methods of order fulfillment. 

There are a few reasons why orders fail. Here is a list of the most common ones:

1. Unknown error. Please try to order again by choosing 'Send to Auto Order'. 

The operation failed and our bot could not detect why. 

Workaround - Just retry the order (after making sure it was not placed on your purchase account) and it should work. If it doesn't, please contact us through the support chat and we will check it for you.


2. There is not enough gift card balance to process the order, add gift card balance on the source site and resend. 

You do not have a sufficient gift balance on your buy account- in order to use auto-orders, you must reload your gift card balance or change the payment method to a credit card. 

Workaround- Check your gift card balance on the buy site and make sure you have sufficient funds to fulfill the failed order. After you reload your balance you can retry the order. 


3. The order was already placed on the buy site. Please look for the order on your purchase account by searching the buyer's name.

Sometimes an attempt to place an order is made but at the end of the process, it is not clear whether the order was placed or not. This is when you will get this error. 

Workaround- Please check your purchase account. If the order was placed, simply update the order ID under ‘Buying Order ID’:

If the order was not placed, simply click on the ‘Send to Auto Order'

4. Add-On item not supported.

AutoDS does not support auto-ordering of Add-on items since Amazon does not allow splitting the order to different addresses. If you choose to work with add-on items, you will need to manually order them.
- order the Add-on manually. 


5. Auto-order disabled for this product.

You have disabled the auto-ordering function for this product. 

Workaround- You can uncheck this setting from the edit of the products on the products page and resent the order or you can order it manually with the help of our AutoDS Helper.  

7. The price of the order [macro] on the buy site is higher than the max loss amount order price you have set [macro]. You can force order it to ignore the setting by choosing 'Send to Auto Order'. 

This happens when the source price of the item has increased since AutoDS' last price scan. The system failed the auto-ordering based on the value you set on your maximum loss on your settings page.

Workaround - You can go to SettingsChoose the correct supplier (Amazon for example) →OrdersMaximum loss and increase the maximum loss price and then retry the order. Alternatively, you can try looking for a cheaper product and continue to place the item manually with the help of the Helper. 


 8. The system could not log in to your Amazon account as verification failed due to incorrect zip code info. Please update the correct last 5 digits of the zip code on the settings page and resend.

Amazon prevents the system from logging in by asking a security question regarding the billing account zipcode. 

Workaround - You need to go to your Amazon account: Your account → Payments and check what is the zip code of the billing address of the credit card that ends in the 4 digits mentioned. Also, make sure that the phone number you have on your buy account matches the one you inserted on the Buy account settings. In order to perform that go to SettingsBuy accountsEditand insert the 5 first digits of the zip code, update the phone number if necessary, save, and then retry the order. Also, make sure your Amazon password is updated correctly on AutoDS.

9. The product has a limited purchase quantity [macro] on the buy site. Ordering the required quantity will result in a loss.

This happens when the product is limited for a number of purchases on Amazon.

Workaround - There are a few solutions for this situation:

1) Order manually with the help of a fellow seller and later update the order ID

2) Add more buy accounts to the Order Processor from which the item can be purchased again.

Recommendation for the future with these kinds of products -

1) End these listings to avoid unnecessary fuss and waste of time in the future.

2) Change the minimum listings on the selling platform to have the minimum units required and set the correct sell price for it.


10. The system could not log in to your buy account since the verification code couldn't be pulled from the email. Please check the email forwarding settings.

The auto-ordering bot cannot log in to your Amazon account in order to insert the verification codes that Amazon sends to your Gmail. This is because you did not connect your Gmail account correctly to your supplier order settings.

Workaround: Follow up after this tutorial and make sure everything is configured according to it.


11. The address of the buyer is invalid. Fix the address and resend. 

Workaround: Click on the Edit option, correct the address to the one you wish to ship the product to, then click 'Save'.


12. Amazon Prime Pantry products (grocery items requiring 5 items sent to the same address) are not supported for auto-ordering. You can manually order these items with the help of our address copier extension. 

Workaround: Make the order manually through your Amazon account (You can use our extension to help you with it) Afterwards, update the order ID under ‘Buying Order ID’.


13. The product has a longer shipping time [macro] than the Maximum Shipping Days set [macro]. You can force order it to ignore the setting by choosing 'Send to Auto Order'. 

Workaround - You can force order it.


14. The product is not an Amazon Prime product as required per your settings. You can force order it to ignore the setting by choosing 'Send to Auto Order'.

Workaround: Click on the error and then, 'Send to Auto Order'.


15. Your buy account has been locked. The auto-ordering system cannot log in to place the order. 

Workaround: Check the Email you signed up with your Amazon account and check for any messages that will indicate why your account got locked. If you still can't indicate why it happened, we highly advise you to directly contact Amazon Customer service.

AutoDS' order automation system is not the cause for the suspension/lock of your Amazon account. Amazon has many reasons to decide on an account lock. 


16. Your buy account is On Hold. The auto-ordering system cannot log in to place the order.

Workaround: Open an incognito Chrome and log in to your Amazon account by using your credentials. Since the two-step verification process is on, once you will try to log in to Amazon, they will update you on where they sent the OTP. If they sent the OTP to your phone or to your email, you need to re-adjust the two-step verification process. Login to Amazon, disable the two-step verification and go to your Amazon settings to delete your phone number. Once you delete it, please re-add the two-step verification and connect your Amazon account to AutoDS. After that, you will be able to see on Amazon-> two-step verification, that the first place that they sent the OTP is the Authenticator. If the settings are correct now, you can add again your phone to Amazon's website if you wish.


 17. Your Amazon account does not have the Prime membership, auto-ordering will result in additional shipping costs added as Prime items are ordered as a default. 

Workaround: AutoDS detected you are not a member of Amazon Prime. As a default, all products are sent with the fastest shipping offered to Prime items. To protect you from a loss, AutoDS failed the order. Make sure that your Amazon account is part of Amazon's Prime membership. As a member, Amazon will not charge you for any additional shipping costs as the 'Prime' membership will allow you to have free 2-day shipping for all Prime products.


18. The product is not an Amazon Prime product as required per your settings. You can force order it to ignore the setting by choosing 'Send to Auto Order'. 

Workaround: Force order this item.


19. The product is no longer in stock on the buy site. Order failed since the item is no longer available to purchase.

Workaround - If you see the item is in stock when you check the order, simply force order it. if it fails again, report the issue to the support, we will try to understand why the bot failed and fix it for future cases.  In the meantime, we recommend you quickly proceed with placing the order, using our address copier - the AutoDS Helper. 


20. This is a bundled item on Amazon - more units are suggested to purchase at checkout. Please place the order manually to verify how many items are ordered. 

Workaround - Place the order manually to verify how many items are ordered


21. There was an issue with processing payment for this order. Please contact support for further assistance. 

Workaround -  In order to use our auto orders please make sure that you have enough gift card balance on your buy site.

If you are using a credit card payment, make sure that the details are correct and that the card is valid and hasn't expired.


22. We couldn't process this order. Please contact support for further assistance. 

Workaround - Please Contact our customer service by opening a ticket or starting a live chat so we can detect what went wrong with this specific order.


23. There is not enough gift card balance to process the order, add gift card balance on the source site and resend.

Workaround - Add more gift card balance on the buy site and then try to resend this order.


24. The system could not log in to your Amazon account since mobile verification is not supported. Please setup 2-step authentication on Amazon by choosing the authenticator app. 

Workaround - Please follow this video tutorial to learn how to overcome this error, 

After finishing, Please remove any other verification you had (Mobile, Email). 


25. The system could not log in to your account since the password is Incorrect. Please update the correct password on the settings page.

Workaround - Click on Settings -> Buy accounts -> Click on the Edit button() -> Correct the password -> Update


26. The system could not log in to your buy account since the buy account: [macro, email] does not exist on the source site.

Workaround - Click on Settings -> Buy accounts -> Click on the Edit button() Make sure that the email you inserted in our Buy account is the correct one / also check for spelling errors -> Click on Update.


27. More items were added to the cart due to manual actions in the middle of the automation process. Order failed as protection from possible loss. 

Workaround - Please make sure to not add items to your cart during the automation process. Also, make sure that your purchase account doesn't have any other items in the cart.


28. The system could not log in to your Amazon account since verification failed as it was unable to get credit card details ending with [XXXX].

Workaround - Make sure that your credit card details are correct in your Settings -> Buy accounts -> Edit() -> Payment methods, then try to resend the order.


29. Orders over one month will fail automatically to protect you. You can force order it by choosing 'Send to Auto Order'. 

Workaround - As mentioned above, you can force order the item.


30. Please make sure you have checked the 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' box on your store settings➞Orders and that you are subscribed to the orders processor's add-on. 

Workaround - Make sure that the order processor is included in your plan:

Settings -> Plans & Add-ons

 Make sure to tick this option:

Store Settings -> Orders -> Process orders using the "Fulfilled by AutoDS" service


31. Auto-ordering is not supported for this source site. 

Workaround - Order the item manually.


32. Insufficient Auto-orders credits, please purchase more credits and resend the order.

Workaround - Click on Orders -> Buy Credit, then resend the order.


33. All buy accounts are disabled for auto-ordering, check your settings and reorder. If this is a Fulfiled by AutoDS order, please open a support ticket so we can resolve this for you. 

Workaround -

Make sure to tick this option:

Store Settings -> Pick the correct supplier -> Orders -> Automatic orders (Requires buy account or “Fulfilled by AutoDS” orders management)

If it's a fulfilled order, please contact us through Chats or either open a ticket. 


34. Insufficient balance - load more balance to your 'Fulfiled by AutoDS' account and resend.

Workaround - Orders-> Click on Balance -> Load, then resend the order.
Load balance 1

To learn how sufficient Balance is calculated please read the Important Note in this article.

The 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' service is enabled as a default to all our users as we wish to fulfill all your needs as an all-in-one platform. If you do not wish to work with it, go to Settings →Store Settings →Orders (tab) and uncheck the Fulfilled by AutoDS feature. 

Next, add your own buyer account. You can learn how to do it in this guide


35. Unknown error -  Check your buy account details are correct and reorder by choosing 'Send to Auto Order'.

Workaround - Click on Settings -> Buy accounts -> Click on the Edit button(), then make sure the details are correct and click Update. Afterward, try to resend the order again.


AutoDS Tip💡
  1. If these errors are not clear and the process is still difficult for you, we highly recommend you to Join our mentorship program  (try it out for 7 days with no charge)
    Why? Orders with unsolved error codes can result in a short delay in processing your eBay orders. this later may lead to late shipment, thus, The mentorship program can save you a lot of precious time with the variety of issues that eBay sellers deal with on a daily basis.
    • We recommend processing your orders with the AutoDS fulfilled services. When using AutoDS fulfilled services, you are reducing the chances of encountering errors as we handle the ordering, Shipping, and returns for you. You can read more about this service here.

In case you encounter any other failure reason that does not appear here, please contact us by chat, provide the error description and the order number and we will be happy to assist you.