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TikTok Spy Tool

Explore the feature whichdesigned to introduce you to all the currently trending products on TikTok!


With the TikTok Spy Tool, you can gain access to a comprehensive collection of ads and videos that are constantly updated, providing valuable insights and inspiration for products.

The idea of the TikTok Spy Tool is to assist you in generating ideas for products that are currently in the market and experiencing high engagement.

By exploring a wide range of videos and ads, you can gain insights into effective marketing strategies employed by successful campaigns.

Important to know 📚

This feature will be available for users who have bought the Product Finding addon. 


The TikTok spy tool will appear under the Marketplace feature in the side menu bar:


The TikTok Spy Tool offers various filters to tailor the viewing experience:

  1. Likes: Filter ads based on the number of likes they have received.
  2. Linked Products: Filter ads whether they have linked products or not.
  3. CTA Button Text: Filter ads based on the presence or absence of a CTA button and its associated text.
  4. Search by Keyboard: Enter specific keywords to search for ads and videos related to particular products, topics, or trends.
  5. Advanced Filter: Using the advanced filter, you can personalize the result you want to get from the TikTok ad. 

  6. Reset: Clearing all filters and starting a new one. 
  7. Saved Filter: You can save all the filters you have made and re-use and apply them whenever you want to get the same result you have set. 

  8. Sort by: Option to sort TikTok products by different categories: 
  • Recently Seen
  • Impressions
  • Likes
  • Live Days
  • Interaction Rate, %
  • Comments Growth, %

You also have the option to sort it in Ascending and Descending order. 

By clicking to see the TikTok ad, you will get the ad insights and video information such as impressions, interaction rate, and when the video was posted, and at the bottom of the pop-up, you'll see the product information, so you'll know what the ad is all about.:

The same pop-up can also take you to the original post or to the selling site if there is a CTA button:

It is also possible to search for TikTok videos by the same author.

Copy the name and paste it on the search bar.  

So if you want to level up your products and make sure you're selling relevant and trendy products - go ahead and use the TikTol spy tool feature!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the support chat - we are happy to help.