Suppliers Orders Page Overview

AutoDS for Suppliers: Learn how to manage your orders

In order to see and manage your orders, please go to the Orders page on the sidebar menu.

Orders Page Columns

Here's an explanation of the different columns on the orders page.

  1. Product name- the product's name
  2. Branding logo- the logo which the dropshipper added as a request for branding the package. Use this logo to brand the packaging for this chosen order.
  3. Dropshipper name - display of dropshipper name. Note that clicking on the orange error ('send message') will give you the option to send a direct message to the dropshipper. 
  4. Price
  5. Source - the source platform
  6. Item ID
  7. Date - The date on which the order was registered in the system
  8. Order status- the current status of the order. 
  9. Customer- the actual buyer name
  10. Address- customer's address. Note you have an option to easily copy the address by clicking here:
  11. Order ID
  12. Estimated arrival - calculated according to your shipping policy.

Tip 💡

The columns can be customized to appear the way you want by clicking here:


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please contact our suppliers team by email: .