eBay: Non-API: Uploads Failures and Solutions

A quick troubleshooting guide for AutoDS manual dropshipping users

In order for the orders and untracked monitors to be working on a Non-API store, the chrome extension should be on and working, while eBay and AutoDS websites are open in your browser. If you did not have your browser up and running, the orders and untracked products will be updated once you turn it all on. 

Check this article to learn about the non-API solution with the file Exchange token using the SellerHub Reports. 

Troubleshooting common issues: 

If you imported products to your non-API store, but after some time you still do not see your listings on eBay do the following to check why: 


1. Check for errors in your upload 

Click view details if you imported immediately: 

If they failed, you will see it in the status together with the reason for it:

Or check the scheduled uploads from the drafts page if you decided to schedule the uploads. Clicking on the > will open the uploads schedule for that day allowing you to see if there are any errors. 

You can check this Article on our Help center for general and eBay-related errors you can solve. If you did find errors in the upload, it means the problem results from the SellerHub Reports system. Continue to the next section to see how you can tackle this. 



2. Check the Manual Dropshipping Chrome extension for the error logs

Click on the bell icon on the right-hand of your extension, and you will see the Error Logs. 

Now click on 'Export Logs'​ and a CSV file will be downloaded to your computer. 

If you see the following notification, it means that the extension was disconnected and you need to follow the process to reconnect it, by clicking on the link.

Important:  Even if you see your eBay account connected, it doesn't mean that it's connected to the extension. It is crucial that you click the button and follow the process again, till it gets you to the File Exchange page of eBay. If you click on it, and it already directs you to the File Exchange page, it means that you have successfully reconnected it. 

It's highly recommended that, after you reconnect the extension, you clear out the logs, to keep track of what is new after this is done. 

3. Check the status of the upload on the Upload Results page on File Exchange

You can click the following link directly, to open up your Upload Reports page on eBay's Seller Hub Reports. 

This is the page and this is how it should look:

Each line represents either an upload that was sent or a change file (price/stock etc). 

You will be asked to locate the relevant file you reported. If you report an issue with an upload, look for the upload file, if you reported an issue with a product that was not updated, search for the change file. 

Each line will have its reference ID at the end of the file name. In addition, you will see if the action was completed successfully or if it failed. There will be cases where the support team will be able to provide you with the specific reference ID files to look for. If not, you will need to download all relevant files from that day and search for the one containing the specific item or upload you are reporting about. 

Scroll to the right to download the request and response file for that upload/ change: 

Send both files to the customer support agent handling your case. 


AutoDS sends the change to eBay's SellerHub Reports every 60 minutes. Thus, you will see your item uploaded in a minimum of 1 hour. However, it can take longer if there's a delay with eBay's SellerHub Reports server as it can sometimes be busy. If there is a delay, you will see it on the extension logs


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.