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'Fulfilled by AutoDS' Service - Terms and Conditions

A must-read for every user who joins the Fulfilled by AutoDS service (aka Managed Accounts) - these terms apply to all users without any exceptions

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4. Order Cancellation



  • AutoDS will not share any order information concerning the purchases on our managed accounts. That includes the following: images of the order placed, direct links to the order, or any detail of the purchase. All necessary information exists on the downloadable invoice and balance history sheet. 
  • An order will be fulfilled up to 24 hours maximum. AutoDS assumes no responsibility for an item that was no longer in stock at the time of the order or if its price went up. The user is responsible to make sure his/her settings allow the fulfillment of the order. 
  • If a buyer claims he did not receive the order, the managed specialist will chat with the purchase site support requesting a solution only in case the tracking number was not converted to BlueCare Express only. No such service will be given to orders older than 30 days. 
  • AutoDS is not the supplier of your products. AutoDS only fulfills the orders for you from a 3rd party supplier. 
  • Our managed accounts fulfill thousands of orders per day. A supposedly available coupon for an item could have been already used on the purchase account and is no longer available  (the coupons are usually restricted to one order per account). Thus, AutoDS does not guarantee the system will be able to apply a coupon on an order.
  • If a user cancels his AutoDS account, he or she will no longer be eligible for any fulfilled by AutoDS services such as returns, order cancellations, or refunds. 

Payments & Refunds

  • Once payment to the fulfilled by AutoDS service was sent, it is not refundable. Selling your balance or AutoDS account to another AutoDS user is strictly prohibited. 
  • Auto-order credits are non-refundable - no credits will be returned for canceled or returned orders. 
  • AutoDS Managed account are not exempted in the USA. Thus, your orders will have US State taxes added to the final order price.

Order Returns

  • Each seller is entitled to up to a 3% return rate (out of all managed orders). Return requests that will exceed this rate will be automatically canceled/ refused. This rule is meant to keep our managed accounts open and safe from restrictions and is in the best interest of our Fulfilled by AutoDS customers.
  • If an item is not refundable or returnable on the source site - the return request will be rejected automatically. The users are fully responsible to make sure the products they work with are refundable on the source site. 
  • If too many returns will be asked for an item per month (over 5) - the item will no longer be eligible for the managed service. 
  • An order is not eligible for a return after 30 days from the delivery date. Returns for orders older than 30 days will be automatically rejected. 
  • A return request which was not fulfilled in 30 days, meaning, the buyer did not send the package back to the purchase site, will be canceled automatically and will no longer be entitled to a return.
  • A return should only be fulfilled with the original label provided by AutoDS from the purchase site. If the return will be sent in any other way, it will be automatically rejected. 
  • The provided return label from Amazon will always be Amazon's default: USP drop-off unless it's not available and another service will be selected. Users cannot ask for another specific return label option. 
  • Refunds are processed by the source site within 7-14 days from the day the item had arrived at their warehouse since it still awaits scanning and inspection of the returned goods.AutoDS only processes the refund soon as it gets it from the source site.

Order Cancellations

  • Once an order is sent to the auto-ordering process, it cannot be cancelled. 
  • Our specialist will not contact the source site support with a request to cancel an order. It is not part of the service. 
  • Users of the 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' service should instruct their buyers to ask for a return when the item arrives to them. That's the only way they can get refunded for the order they wished to cancel. 


Delivery Issues 

  • If there's a reliable carrier with a valid tracking number for the order, the user should contact the carrier directly for more info about the transit status. AutoDS cannot assist with these queries. 
  • AutoDS automatically updates tracking numbers once they are available from the supplier's site (The system checks every 6 hours for newly updated tracking numbers).
    Each supplier has a different estimated delivery time:
    Amazon - 2-4 business days for prime items only
    AliExpress - 30-50 days (expect a longer time for the tracking to be updated on your end)
    Home Depot/Walmart - 4-7 business days
    Estimated delivery times are subject to change by the supplier. There is no real guarantee from any supplier for the delivery date, It is the user is compete responsibility to make sure his shipping time settings are correct with the supplier's and his shipping policies on the selling channel.