How to Work with Variations?

Learn how to upload and edit multi-variation products on your AutoDS account

 If you wish to upload your listings with several variations, for example : Size, color etc, you can easily do it with AutoDS.
AutoDS supports uploading with variations from all our available suppliers. 


 Upload variarions

To work with variations by default, make sure you check this box in your settings so that the item with available variations will be uploaded with all its variations:

Settings→Supplier settings→Lister→Advanced lister settings→Upload variations

Important to know📚

Each supplier can have a different working method.

It is possible to work with variations with items from Aliexpress by default, but not with items from Amazon.

Make sure to go over each supplier and edit its supplier settings.



 Uploading an item with its variations is possible even if you don't want to work with variations by default.

When you upload the item, make sure to click on 'Add products' -> 'Multiple products/Stores' 
and choose to edit the upload setting firs:
Click on edit supplier settings:
And check 'Upload variations' box:


If you have a Facebook store, and you decide to import directly, the process is different. Read more about the Upload process for Facebook users Here. 

Then choose whether to upload the item as draft, create and publish or schedule for later.

Tip 💡

We recommend to first upload the products with all its variations as drafts and only after you edit them, import them to your selling channel. 


 Edit variations

In products/drafts page, click on the item and do to Variants tab and click on the 3 dots dropdown to edit each variant to enter the edit mode:

Now you can edit your variation: The Variation name, image, item specifics, fee, profit and selling price along with adding automation or allowing advanced monitoring options. You can learn about these features more in details in this article
When you are happy with all your variations same and import the product to your selling channel.
Note ❗️
A selling channel might support variations differently than the way the suppliers you are sourcing from do. 
For example, eBay and Shopify variation listings share the same title and description between the different variations.
However, on Amazon or Homedepot for example, each separate variation of an item can have its own unique description, pictures, pricing, etc.
That's why uploading multi-variation products from some suppliers to some selling channels/marketplaces can be risky, as it results in having only one of the possible variation descriptions updated on all other variations. This means that all the variations will share the same information on the selling channel while in fact, having different one (images, size, description, etc) on the source site. 


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.