How to Use the Tag Feature?

Tagging your products will allow you to better manage your products as well as understanding how your store is doing

How does the tag feature help your everyday account management? 

Tagging your product allows you to manage your store better, understand if the different products your upload or different dropshipping techniques you use on your account are working for you.

Here are some useful ways to use the tags: 

▪️ When uploading seasonal products you will later want to end-  For example, create a tag called 'Christmas' and apply it to any new product you are adding before the holiday season. When the season ends you will be able to filter by this tag and apply a bulk delete action to remove them all. 

▪️ Create a tag for your employee (virtual assistant) - if you are hiring a VA, you would like to monitor and inspect how well he/she works and how successful are the products they upload. You can have them use a tag with their name which you will later be able to filter by and check how well they did. 

▪️Check if your product finding technique is working- If for example, you decide to upload products with no profit, from a specific niche or ones you followed mentor guidance, create a tag when uploading them. 

▪️When optimizing your products - for example, if you are optimizing titles, add a tag called 'Title edited' to know you have worked on this product so you will not go over it again. 


How to add a tag? 

You can add a tag when you upload a new product or when you edit an existing one. 

When adding a new product, you will be able to add a tag here on the 1st general stage: 

Enter the tag name and click add the + icon and the tag will be added. This tag and others you create will be added to a list of your saved tags. 

You can add as many tags as you wish to one product or draft. 

To add a tag to an existing product, simply enter the edit window and add the tab under the product tab: 


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.