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How to change fulfilled by AutoDS orders to Auto Order

A complete guide on how you can switch to placing orders with our auto-ordering system using your buy accounts instead of Fulfilled by AutoDS

If you usually work with our fulfilled by AutoDS service, but in some cases, you would prefer to place the orders with your own buy accounts, this article will show you the right way to do so when you already have orders in various stages.

The switch is fairly simple through your Settings→Store settings→Orders.

In general, if you are using the FBA service, your orders settings either look like this (the two boxes are checked - meaning the orders are processing automatically by the FBA service):


Or like this, meaning you send the orders manually to our FBA service:


If you want to use auto orders with your accounts, the first step is to set up an Amazon/AliExpress buying account. Alternatively, make sure you already have ones that are connected and active.

We have a detailed article that explains how you can connect a buying account, have the proper settings, and process an auto order.

The second step is to determine if you can process the order automatically using your own buy account based on the orders' current status:

No 'Pending' or 'In Order Process' orders
If you do not have new orders under these statuses, go to your settings page, and choose the second option. And from now on all new orders will be placed automatically with your buy account:


Orders under 'In Order Progress' status (Yellow)
Yellow 'In order progress' status means that the order is in a queue for processing.
White 'In order progress' status means that the processing has begun.
Yellow is the stage when we can still cancel the order easily.
So, if you have FBA orders that are yellow 'In Order progress', all you need to do is clicking on the drop-down menu and select 'Canel Auto Orders': 

Once the orders will show as Cancelled, you can disable the FBA option on the Settings page and keep the automatic orders checked, and then re-send the orders to be processed with your own buying account.

Orders under 'In Order Progress' status (White)
The product may or may not have been ordered at this stage, as it is a further step of automation. So please do the following:
When an order is white, you can cancel it and then wait for 20 min.

  1. If it changes to 'Ordered' with the FBA notebook sign, the order has been processed with FBA.
  2. If the order won’t show as 'Ordered' and stays as 'Cancelled', that means that it hasn’t been ordered, so you can re-order with your buy account by changing first the order to 'Pending' status and then 'Sent to auto order'



You can cancel, move to pending and send orders to auto-order in bulk.

Select the relevant orders, and click on the little pencil:

And choose the action:

Orders under 'Ordered' status (or later stage)
In this case, the system has processed the order, which means that the order cannot be canceled. You don't need to wait for these orders, and you can disable the FBA option as described above and continue with your new incoming orders with automatic orders and your own accounts.


Please note❗️

  • Before proceeding in sending the order back to automation for an order that was previously processed on Fulfilled by AutoDS, you first must clear any pending return or refund for that specific order. If the order is still active, and you have already edited/ changed the Buy Order ID and Buyer Account on the order, you will no longer be issued a refund. We suggest leaving the order until it is delivered or you have been refunded for the return.
  • Cancellations are not allowed for orders processed on Fulfilled by AutoDS.

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support team on chat or via email.  We will be more than happy to assist you.