How to Set Up Your Product Monitoring and General Preferences?

Decide according to which parameters the system will monitor your products on the source site

On your settings page, you will be able to set up your monitoring settings. 

You can find them on Settings➞ Store SettingsGeneral 

Here's an explanation of each setting on this tab: 


1. Default Weight Unit - Choose the unit you wish the system will display you. Hit the dropdown menu to select a different option:

2. Automatic SKU filling -if checked, when uploading new products, the system will automatically upload them with Source ID as SKU (custom label) on eBay. If not checked, the system will apply a unique SKU that cannot be tracked back to the source site (recommended). 

3. Ship to region- Set your store to ship to a specific region. When the system monitors the product on the source site, it will scan and update shipping information for this region. 


Important to know 📚

If you are using the following suppliers: Aliexpress, Wish, Shein, Shopify you will also have the option to WorldWide shipping option

Using the WorldWide option in this section means that the system will not check the shipping information to any specific region. It will just check the availability of the product on the source site.

This feature is beneficial mostly for dropshippers who are looking to source products from Aliexpress for example.


The following monitoring settings are primarily responsible for setting your items on hold.
  1. Minimum product quantity - If the quantity of the product's available units on the source site is less than the value you set here, the system will place the product as 'On Hold' (=quantity 0) as protection. Meaning, it will not be available for purchase in your store.  For example: If you choose a minimum of 5 units and the source listing has only 3 units available for sale - the system will change the quantity of this item to zero 0 and place it as 'On Hold' on your "Products" page on your AutoDS account until the next scan which detects a higher unit quantity occurs, or until you change this setting.
  2. Maximum shipping days- On each hourly scan, the system checks the total number of days it takes the product to be delivered to the buyer. The system will then cross-check it with the number of days you have inserted in this field and will place items with longer shipping days as 'On Hold' (= quantity 0) as protection - your buyers will not be able to purchase them from your store.
  3. Choose from suppliers table - This setting applies to Amazon as the supplier. AutoDS monitors the price from the supplier's "BuyBox as default. However, if the buy box listing is out of stock or not prime, the system will check the suppliers' table and will monitor the seller by your settings here. The system will only monitor sellers with a minimum of 80% feedback and 500 ratings only the first page of the suppliers' list will be checked.

    Prime First/Cheapest First: Selecting one of the options tells the system which supplier on the first page of the suppliers' table you would like to monitor - the cheapest one or the first prime product on the list.
  4. Prime only-   This setting applies to Amazon as the supplier If this box will be checked, the system will check if your Amazon-sourced products participate in Amazon's 'Prime' membership. If they are not, the system will place them as unavailable as protection, aka 'On Hold'. 

IMPORTANT: You can and should set the monitoring settings for each supplier. To add more suppliers, click the + Add Supplier icon on the left bottom of the screen. 

Simply choose the supplier on the left-hand side, and edit its settings:


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.