How to Set Up the Automations Feature on AutoDS?

Automate your pricing strategy by creating your first automation

You can watch this video to learn more about this feature or you can follow the written explanation following the video.

What is the Automations feature?

AutoDS allows you to automate the pricing of your products to help you become more competitive, to gain more sales, and simply profit more while you sit back and relax, letting AutoDS work for you!

How to add a new automation? 

To set up the automation feature you need to visit the Settings page and then click on the tab called 'Automations'. 


If you still don't have any automation set up, this is how it will look:

Click Add Automation to add your first pricing automation rule. Next, name the automation you wish to have. The system will auto-select the default one - Sales Bases Pricing (more automations will be added in the future). 

1- General Settings:

Decide how and when you wish this automation to work :

2- Pricing when sales increase:

When - Select the pace of the sales volume by how many orders a product receives in a day/week/month

Set Price - Select by how much %  and $ you wish to increase the profit of your product and when you wish the increase to stop - set a limit.

For example: 

* This automation works as follows: 

When the products have a minimum of 2 sales in 1 week, the profit of the items will be increased by 2% each week until it reaches a maximum of 10% profit for this item. This automation will work when the sales for the product increase.

Make sure to keep the 'Automate sales increase toggle ON for the automation to work

3- Pricing when sales decrease:

Next, you can set an automation for when the sales for the item decrease. In this example, if the product is sold less than 1 time in a week, it's profit will drop by 0.5% till a limit of 1% profit. 

4 - Assign Products

You can select a specific product you wish to apply this automation on or you can select all.

Please check the featured numbers in the following image. You will find a detailed explanation of each featured number below the image.

1- Select all products 

2- Decide to assign this automation to products later. 


When you are done click Finish and your first automation will be live!

You can always turn the automation OFF or ON or edit it - adding new products or changing its settings by clicking on the 3 dots  




What if I want the automation to only raise the price of the items once?

All you need to do is to set a very high value under the time value: days/weeks. For example 10,000 days. This way, the system will only raise the profit by the value increased you set once. 


Is this feature supported on AutoDS non-API version for eBay stores?

Yes, it does! 



If you have further questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.