How to Relist Your Products?

Learn how AutoDS allows you to easily relist your product and when is it advised to do so

Before we explain how you can relist your products using AutoDS, you need to understand why we offer our sellers this feature. 

Some of our supported selling channels support the feature of relisting products. 

For example, eBay allows its sellers to relist their products. 

Why should you relist your products? 

If you have uploaded a listing and it did not sell, it is considered a good technique among dropshippers to relist it. The reason is that in most selling channels, this action will bring the product back in front of the buyers. That means that it will be getting more exposure and impressions, and the chances of you selling it will increase. 

Another benefit is time-saving. There's no need to work on product research and upload a new item. Just re-upload the existing one. All the information you had on the listing remains. You do not need to edit it (unless you wish to). 

In which cases it is not recommended to relist your products? 

On certain selling channels, relisting your products also means losing the selling history it had. For example, if you will relist a product on eBay, all the views, watchers, and sales history for the item will be gone. The action will create a new listing based on the older one. 

So in case you have a strong selling product with a rich history of sales, it is recommended you use another technique to boost exposure to this product. 

How can I relist my item using AutoDS?

It's super easy! 

On your Products page, go to the product you wish to relist (or products) and hit the 3 dots dropdown. 

You will see an option to relist the product - click it:

The system will notify you when the product has been successfully relisted: 

You will also be able to do this action in bulk. You can learn how to make bulk actions in this article

Important to note: 

  • The relist feature will only show on supported selling channels. If you are working on several stores simultaneously, for example, Shopify and eBay (API), the feature will not be displayed. You will need to select only the eBay store to relist its products. 
  • Please note the relist feature is not available on non-API eBay stores.


eBay Tip: If you wish to relist an item that had already ended on eBay, thus, does not appear on your AutoDS account, you can learn how to do it in this guide.


If you have further questions concerning this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.