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How to Import Your Untracked Products to AutoDS?

Transfer all your listings to AutoDS - AutoDS will monitor them for stock and price changes

Untracked products are products that AutoDS is not monitoring for price and stock changes. They are products that have not been connected to AutoDS and for this reason, they appear as untracked.

Some users prefer to keep some items untracked and that's OK as long as they are aware the system will not monitor them. 

But for the ones you do want to connect to AutoDS - it is really easy! 

To view all your untracked and connect them you can click on the '+ Add Products' button on the sidebar menu, or you can alternatively, go to your Products page and the untracked listings number will appear on the top:


Once clicking on it, you will be directed to the untracked page, where you will be able to update the source ID for each of the items. You can do it manually one by one or work in bulk with a CSV file. 


Please click on the method you wish to use, and you will be directed to the relevant paragraph:

Tip 🌟

You can use the filter option to find specific products or see if there are products the platform did not manage to connect due to errors

Manual action - Adding listings one by one: 

To add listings one by one, do the following: 

Click on the 'Connect' button

Add the source ID (make sure to also update the supplier source and region), then click 'Add'

The system will now prompt you to go to the variations page. Here you will find all the product's variations as they appear on your selling site. On this page, you will be able to

  • Delete variation - remove the variation you no longer want to have,  

  • Variation attribute- Verify that each variation has the right attribute. In most cases, the platform will match the variations' attributes (color, size, etc).

 Important to know📚

If the platform were unable to map the attributes automatically, a dropdown will display all existing attributes, from which you can select the relevant one.

Keep in mind that in cases when the platform fails to map automatically, it may be because the source ID does not match the listing on AutoDS. By checking the dropdown, you may also see attributes that do not pertain to the listing.

  •  Connect another product- if you wish to source a specific variation from another supplier, click on 'Connect another product; add the product ID, supplier, and region, and a pop-up will display the available variations. Select the relevant one for you.

Once you finish, click on 'Connect', and the product will be added to your products page.

Add from CSV - Adding listings in bulk using a CSV file:

If you have many listings you would like to import in bulk, it's best you use a CSV file. 

Click on the Add from CSV tab, and you will see an explanation of how the file should look like and you will be able to download an example file - Click here to download the file

Here's how the file you need to create needs to look like:

Column A - Product ID on the selling site

Column B - The source ID on the buying site 

Column C- The sourced supplier

Column D- The region of the supplier

Column E - The variant SKU (optional)


You will either create the file from scratch or edit the one you received from your previous monitoring platform/ lister. You can also use our Helper extension to export your listings from your previous monitoring system. Learn more about it here

Drop your CSV file and click add. Your items will start syncing to AutoDS and will then appear on the Products page. 



AutoDS is not displaying all of my untracked listings, what can I do? 

If all your products on the selling site are from the same region, then please renew the token and resync the store. You can learn how to do it here. If this did not help, please address the support (click here to open a ticket) with a list of the missing item IDs. 

If the missing products are in a different region, for example, if you added a US eBay account, the untracked product cannot be from a listing on eBay.de on the same account. For this you will need to add the same eBay account with the region Germany, then you will view this untracked listing. Learn how to add a store here.


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.