How to Import products using AutoDS Helper

Learn how to extract a ready-to-import CSV File and Import it to your AutoDS Store

First, make sure you read how our Helper works and more regarding the other functions the Helper offers.

Create a CSV file

In order to create a CSV file, we will need to open one of AutoDS supported supplier pages. We recommend opening a category page (for example 'Home Decor') or a search term so we will be able to extract a decent amount of products.

For example Electronics Catagory

1 - Once you are on a Catagory page or any other page that has multiple products in it, click 'Extract'

2 - You will be able to see how many products were extracted from this page.

3 - Click on Export as CSV, and the Ready-to-upload file will be download to your PC.

Alternatively, You can Click on Extract and keep searching for more products as our Helper won't delete the products by moving forward to other pages.

 Step 2 - Import to AutoDS

Once you have the CSV file, all there's left to do is to Import it through AutoDS.

Please read this tutorial to learn how to do that according to your store type:

*Make sure to select the 'Upload CSV' option*


Try out our new product research tool - the AutoDS marketplace.

The AutoDS marketplace feature has been developed to significantly simplify product research, product finding, and product importing. 

Read about it more here.

If you have further questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.