How to Find Profitable Dropshipping Products Using the AutoDS Finder Dropshipping Tool

Learn how you can upload hundreds of hot-selling items with a click of a button

You can watch this video to learn more about this feature or you can follow the manual instructions below the video.


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The AutoDS Finder is a platform we've created to save you time on boring product searches and market research. Instead, AutoDS Finder will ease your work routine by doing it for you!

The Finder scans hot-selling products from different selling platforms, finds the exact same items or similar ones from our supported suppliers, and adds them to its collection of hot products.

The AutoDS Finder allows you to list up to 1,000 profitable products with a click of a button!
The listings will be uploaded with all information: features, descriptions, specifics, and variations. AutoDS saves you time and money making sure you will no longer need to use any other market research program!

You can access the AutoDS Finder by clicking on the "Add Products" link on the sidebar menu and then choosing the "AutoDS Finder".

AutoDS finder categories

There are 3 types of categories in the AutoDs Finder:

The categories are:


In this category, you get items sold at least 3 times in a month.
Each product uploaded from this category will cost you 1 credit.


In this category, you get items sold at least 5 times in a month.
Each product uploaded from this category will cost you 2 credits.

Best Sellers:

In this category, you get items sold at least 8 times in a month.
Each product uploaded from this category will cost you 4 credits.

What are these credits and how do I buy them?

Credits are calculated by the value of the product - the better the product is (with a higher chance of selling)- the more credits it will cost.

You can buy credits by clicking the 'Buy more' link next to your credit balance:

When you first register to AutoDS you get 400 free finder credits so you can try it out! 🤩

AutoDS Finder Packages

The bigger the package you will purchase, the less you pay per credit.
Simply select the most suitable package for you:

* The Finder package prices might change - the ones on-site are the updated ones always.

Please note❗️

AutoDS Finder credits are non-refundable.

Supported suppliers

We currently support these suppliers







But keep posting, we are already working on adding more 💪🏼

The upload page

After you have chosen the categories you wish to upload from, you will be directed to the bulk uploading page.

▪️Click here to learn how to bulk-upload

▪️Click here to learn how to schedule your upload

▪️Click here to learn how to set a recurring upload for your hot-selling Finder items


Frequently Asked Questions ✅


  • How long should a bulk upload from the Finder take?
    An upload might take up to 8 hours to be completed. It is dependent on the selling site response. 

  • Do all users get the same products?
    No. Each user gets unique products that were never uploaded before. However, the items will go out of the Finder's list only when they are uploaded successfully. It means that scheduled products will not be removed from the Finder's list until they are successfully uploaded.

  • If a product fails to upload, what happens with the credits?
    First, you will be charged by the credit number and not the number of items uploaded. One item can be worth 1 to 5 credits depending on the Auto-Finder category you have selected.
    You will not be charged only if a draft was not created due to a failure reason concerning AutoDS settings such as max shipping days, out-of-stock product, etc. 
    You will be charged when the upload is scheduled or the draft is created. In these cases, you get to see the source items and upload them again after correcting the issue causing the error.

  • Can I choose a price range for the items which will be uploaded by the Finder?
    No. This option is not available for bulk uploads from the Finder.

  • Can I choose a category or a niche to upload from?
    No. This feature is not yet supported yet.

  • How long does it take for a Finder upload to be completed?
    Finder uploads take up to 8 hours to complete regardless of how many products were uploaded.

  • I tried to upload products and the system does not let me choose the number I wish, it sets it back to a lower number, why is that? 
    An automatic limit is set for all users: During one upload, you can either upload up to 500 listings or up to 30% of your plan limit - whichever is the highest. This limitation is set to ensure all users will be able to upload products on time and to make sure the uploads run smoothly with no delays. 


If you have further questions concerning this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.