How To Check The Import Status Of Your Drafts?

You can check the status of the upload of your drafts to know if they were successful - learn how you can do it in this. guide.

Once you import your drafts, you are able to follow-up on the importing process: 

A pop-up message will notify you when the upload is in process and to check it you can hit "Click to View" or visit your Products page:



Clicking on "View details" will redirect you to a detailed page with information about the status of each upload:

Please check the featured numbers in the following image. You will find a detailed explanation of each featured number underneath the image.

1. This tab will show you the status of all the uploads.

2. This tab will show you the status of the failed uploads and the reason for the failure. 

3. This tab will show you the status of the successful uploads. 

4. The image and title of your products. 

5. The creation date of your item.

6. The source item ID (clicking on it will open a tab in the supplier's site with the original listing). 

7. The sell item ID on your Shopify account. 

8. The store it's been uploaded to. 

9. The status of the upload. 


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