eBay: How to Add SKU to a Variation on eBay to comply with AutoDS

Troubleshoot Multi-SKU or No Variant SKU errors on your products

This article explains AutoDS V2 (2021), our newer version supporting dropshipping to eBay and Shopify. If the images you see do not match the ones on your account, it means you are using the current version (V1). Check out this link for the article relevant to you.


When your already existing multiple-variations products do not have a unique SKU assigned to them they cannot be monitored by AutoDS.

When you upload via AutoDS with variations, AutoDS updates each variation with a unique SKU. In case the products were uploaded by another software or directly on eBay, this field might be missing the SKU value.
Also, a change to the existing SKU value directly on eBay can result in an error to the product on AutoDS. 

The cases where you will encounter this as a problem will be either as an error to an existing product on AutoDS or as an error on the untracked products. 

1. The possible error on the Active Listings:

"Error Setting OOS For Item: XXXX: Cannot revise a Multi-SKU item when Item ID alone is supplied. Variation level SKU and Item ID should be supplied to revise a Multi-SKU item" 

2. The error on the Untracked products:

"No Variant SKU found. Not supported by AutoDS"

A multiple variation product that appears as not supported can be monitored if you will update a unique SKU value for each of the variations of each listing on eBay under the 'SKU' field. 

When each variation gets a unique value, then the product will no longer show as 'unsupported' and you will be able to track in your under your products page. Alternatively, if the product is monitored and has an error - the error should be removed after the next scan. 

How to add the SKU on eBay?

Go to your active listing on your eBay account and click Revise your item

Under Variations click on Edit

On the next screen check all variations of the listing and then click Enter SKU

Enter any value here (It can be anything you like) and click Save

Once done,  eBay will apply this value and will add more characters to each variation to make it unique.

Save the changes for the entire edit of the listing. Now the item with all its variations will be compatible with AutoDS. 


If you have further questions that were not answered in this article please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 

LUD: January 26th, 2021