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How to add a branding logo

Your packages can be branded with a logo - learn how you can do it

Working with AutoDS suppliers allows you to send buyers a branded package with your logo.

This is how you add your logo (you can watch the video or scroll down for the written guide):

Go to Settings page → Store settings → Select store → Upload your logo.

This is for example what the logo looks like with the Thank you card! 🤩

The logo of course will not be AutoDS, but the logo you uploaded to your account.
***The bag remains unbranded. Your logo will be in the "Thank you" card.







Important note❗️

  • In general, orders with branding logos can only be placed with AutoDS suppliers
  • Branding logos are not always offered by AutoDS suppliers - be sure to check the product description before

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the support chat - we are happy to help.