How To Add A Supplier?

Learn how to add more supported suppliers to your AutoDS account

AutoDS supports many suppliers, and we are always working on adding more! You can check out this help article for the updated list of suppliers and marketplaces we support. 

How to add a new supplier to your AutoDS account? 

To add a supplier to your AutoDS account, go to  Settings➞Supplier settings.

Click on the + Add Supplier button. 

In the next stage, add the selected supplier from the list of our supported suppliers, and add the supported region for this supplier:

Once you have selected the supplier, you can choose the following:

[1] You can choose to have the recommended settings applied to this supplier. 

[2] You can copy the settings you already have from another supplier you already added. 

Once the supplier has been added, you will be notified and able to continue to edit its settings:

1- You will see the supplier added to your list. 

2 - You can now edit the Lister, pricing, orders, and the general settings of this supplier. 

3- You can choose to copy the Lister's settings from an already existing supplier. 


Important to know 📚

If you are using the following suppliers: Aliexpress, Wish, Shein, Shopify you will also have the option to WorldWide shipping option: 

Using the WorldWide option in this section means that the system will not check the shipping information to any specific region. It will just check the availability of the product on the source site.
This feature is beneficial mostly for dropshippers who are looking to source products from Aliexpress for example.

If you have further questions concerning this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.