How do I manage my order fulfillment?

AutoDS for Suppliers: how to manage your orders, tracking updates or cancellation requests

How do I fulfill an order?

Order fulfillment and order updates will be handled directly through your Shopify account, and AutoDS will pull the data. You will soon be able to manage all orders' stages and statuses through AutoDS suppliers platform. 

How do I add a tracking number to my orders?

For now, you will need to add tracking numbers through your Shopify account. Soon, we will have the ability to update tracking numbers directly from your AutoDS account, either manually or automatically. 

How do I cancel an order? 

As of now, orders can be canceled directly through Shopify. Thus, you will need to contact the dropshipper by message to inform him of the cancellation. In the near future, the option of cancellation will be available through AutoDS too. 

How do I add a return label to an order?

In case of cancellation or return request from dropshipper end, he will contact you by message and ask to cancel or open a return request. If you decide to approve the request, you will be able to attach the return label in your conversation. 

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please contact our suppliers team by email: .