How do I configure shipping rates and specific locations?

AutoDS for Suppliers: Learn more about the different shipping options to set up for your products

As a supplier on AutoDS, you can customize your shipping settings by:

  • Including/excluding certain countries that you would like your products to be available to

  • Specify shipping rate and time for each allowed location

To set up these conditions, please go to your Settings→Policies.

How do I exclude certain countries from my shipping settings?

On the policies page, look for the setting 'Excluded Shipping Locations', open the dropdown list and select the locations you do not allow shipping to. Do not forget to click save.


The locations you did not choose on this setting, will appear as available to ship to.


How do I set my shipping time and rates?

On the policies page, look for the setting 'Shipping and time policies'. 

This setting is divided to Locations, Shipping allowed, Shipping time and Shipping rate.

  1. Shipping To/Conditions-according to this list, mark if the shipping is allowed or not by checking the assigned box. For example, if you allow shipping to United States and Australia, then your table should look like this:

  2. Shipping Time- after you marked which locations are allowed for shipping, select the correct shipping time range for each location based on the shipping policy offered by your carrier. 

  3. Shipping price per product-you can decide to charge different shipping cost on different countries. Make sure to update the right rate on the relevant country.
    The shipping price will be added to the selling price of each product. 


If you do not set any shipping rate, the customer won't be charged for shipping. There is no option for setting default rate to all products.

How do I increase or decrease my shipping costs in the future?

On any level, you can go ahead and change the shipping rates as showed before, just make sure to save the changes.  All products will be automatically updated with the new shipping costs after a few hours.

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please contact our suppliers team by email .