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'Fulfilled by AutoDS' Orders - Order Statuses Explained

Understand the different stages and statuses of your 'Fulfilled by AutoDS' order (aka Managed Orders)


Ordering Process Explanation:

The auto-ordering process contains 5 easy steps:

This is how the order will look and the status appears next to the date:  

1. The "Pending" status 

Any order registered before you turned on the fulfilled by AutoDS service, will have the "Pending" status. 

In case you just joined and want to send these orders to be automatically fulfilled, change the status of the order to 'Send to Auto Order'

Once you did that the status of the order will change to 'In Order Progress' 

Note: to send new orders to process automatically, please go to settings -> orders -> and turn on the "Automatic orders" feature

2. The "In Order Progress" Status

This status is the first or second step in the automated order process in case you checked 'auto-order' or you change the status to "send to Auto Order' (then it will be the 2nd step). 


In case the system failed to order, the order will be passed to our team of specialists who will process it manually, so we can guarantee that 100% of your orders will be fulfilled.

3. The "Ordered" Status

If your order is in "Ordered" status,  it means that your order was processed automatically and that the order ID was updated automatically in your account. It also means that your balance was charged for the value of the order.

4. The "Shipped" Status

The shipped status means that your order has already received a tracking number on the source site and it was also updated on your selling platform.

5. The "Delivered" status

Your order was successfully delivered to your buyer. 

What happens in the case of a failed order?

In case of a failed order, you will have failure reasons and instructions on how to proceed.

For example:


Another order status is: Unmonitored 

It means that an order was received for this item but it is not monitored on AutoDS. To have it ordered you will first need to add it to the system by clicking add product. Once monitored, you will be able to send it to the auto ordering process to be fulfilled. 


What happens if an order needs to be returned or canceled? For this, you have the Request to cancel return status. Changing the order to this status will cancel the order on AutoDS buy sites if possible, and if not, it will provide you with a return label you can then send to your buyer to deliver the unwanted item back to the supplier in return for a refund. 

Read more here to learn about returns and cancellation requests.



‼️Make sure to read the Fulfilled by AutoDS terms and conditions - Click here ‼️

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.