FAQ - Facebook Marketplace

Frequent questions and answers about the Facebook Marketplace

I cannot see my orders on AutoDS. Why?

We are still not supporting Facebook Marketplace orders.

No worries! We are already working on it! You can check out the progress on our roadmap

Can a Non-US Citizen Dropship on Facebook?

Unfortunately, the Facebook platform does not allow non-US residents to sell on Facebook. 

Non-US citizens do not have the option to change the location of the listings or use the shipping feature Facebook offers.

Currently, Facebook does not present a lucrative option for non-US dropshippers. With several restrictions in place, international dropshippers benefit more from utilizing other platforms.

Nevertheless, international dropshippers can sell on Facebook as a bonus supplement to a robust eBay or Shopify store. 

In fact, several non-US dropshippers already reported selling items at a profit via Facebook Marketplace. Still, it remains to be seen how scalable and profitable such an operation can be.

Do items I upload to AutoDS get uploaded on my Facebook account? 

No, In order to upload items to the Facebook marketplace we will need to First upload the selected items into your AutoDS account, and then paste the info to your Facebook Marketplace from AutoDS.

We have an article that explains more about this process - Click Here

Are my items monitored automatically?

If you have configured our Facebook Helper extension - your items will be monitored.

If you haven't done this yet, you will need to configure the extension to monitor your items automatically, here's the guide about it - How to Use the Facebook Marketplace & Facebook Shops Extension

Can I edit my products on AutoDS?

Please note that any edit for the product (except price) needs to be done directly on Facebook. AutoDS only updates the price of the item (and stock by adding a very high price instead of putting it out of stock )

If you have further questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.