Etsy as selling channel - full guide

AutoDS can be integrated with your Etsy selling channel and help you easily manage your store.

Supported/unsupported features

  • Listing products (also variations). 
  • Edit/delete products - edit internal product settings such as shipping method, stock and price monitoring control, description, and pricing.
  • Templates - you can choose to add template to your products
  • Orders - AutoDS system will put all your order information
  • As Etsy does not allow a product to be out of stock, When a product Is out of stock, it will be moved to draft on Etsy and won’t be available for selling.
  • Updating tracking numbers, untracked products and the customer support messaging system (with buyers) are not supported.
  • Policies - we select the first one. The user can change it.
  • Sell Price on AutoDS might be different to the one you will see on Etsy store. The reason is that our price on Etsy store includes the taxes/vat + fees. 
  • Etsy product category is not automatically selected on the product on draft. Therefore, you must manually assign a category before importing it to Etsy. Click here to learn how.
  • The products are imported under the general collection of your store (Uncategorized), and you will need to do the sorting manually on Etsy.
  • Digital products and personalized products are not supported.

Adding store

Starting to sell on Etsy with AutoDS requires connecting your store first. To learn more, click here.

Adding products

Click here to learn how to add selling products to your Etsy store using AutoDS.

If you have further questions that still need to be answered in this article, please feel free to contact to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.