How to Deal with MC011 Restriction

What Should You Do If You Received MC011 Restriction on your eBay Account?

We have published many tips and methods on how to avoid the MC011 restriction, and also on how to remove MC011 restriction on your account. 

Please check out these blog posts for more information: 

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If you read these blogs but you still need help removing the restriction, you can contact a guy called John Rick. via Telegram. John specializes in removing MC011 suspensions.

His user is @ebay_resolved

Please address him and say that you were referred by AutoDS, and you will get a special rate of $599 for his services. 

You will need to send him the message you have received from eBay about the MC011 restriction ASAP, as addressing this issue in a timely matter is a crucial factor for the success of the process.

IMPORTANT: This is an outsourced service and AutoDS does NOT take part in it or assumes any responsibility in the matter. 

Another solution is to get a stealth account. This way, you can start over again without making the same mistakes.


LUD: August 20th, 2020.