eBay: Why My eBay Listings are Uploaded with a Multiple Variations Dropdown?

When AutoDS uploads new listings to your eBay account, it always uploads them as multi-variation listings. This is how a listing uploaded to eBay via AutoDS will look like even if it has one variation: 

Why does AutoDS upload a single listing as multi-variations one? 

We do that for 2 main reasons: 

  • AutoDS supports multi-variation listings uploads to all our selling sites and from all our supported suppliers and marketplaces. To allow this, we must send a request to eBay and the other selling channels to upload your listing as a multi-variation one, even if it is a one-product listing.
  • Uploading the item as a multi-variation listing will allow our users to, later on, add variations to it and enjoy a unique bundling feature. 

How can I add a variation to an already existing product from the same source listing? 

Before you can add a variation, you need to make sure this is a product you uploaded to your eBay account using AutoDS. It might not be supported otherwise.

Here's a product with one variation of a dog's shirt.

To add another variant to it, we need to click on the button below it:

Next, we can add the variation we want.

To add it, we first must look at the source site of the first item: 

Go back to the product on AutoDS, paste it and select the supplier and region and then click Add Variant 

You will get a notification the process has started:

In few seconds, AutoDS will add the variation:

Make sure to click the Save button to complete the action. 

How can I use the feature to create a bundle listing? 

A bundle listing is a listing that contains variations from different source sites.

Meaning,  this feature allows you to connect different products from different source sutes into one listing.

Before you can create one, you need to make sure that the variation you wish to add from the supported source site shares the same variable/ attributes to the one you have uploaded.

As you can see, this item has two variables: size and color. We can easily add the existing variations of the same source listing as it shares the same variable. Use the AutoDS Helper Copy button to copy the variation you wish to add: 

Then follow up the process to add a variant (explained above). 

If you would like to add another items that is not a shirt or a dog shirt from Aliexpress, you can do it - as long as it has a variable of size and color. For example, I can add a variant of a dog collar: 

The variant will be added to your product 🤩. Now you are selling a bundled listings assembled  from different suppliers and different products sharing the same variables. 


A selling channel might support variations differently than the way the suppliers you are sourcing from do. 
For example, eBay and Shopify variation listings share the same title and description between the different variations.
However, on Amazon or Homedepot for example, each separate variation of an item can have its own unique description, pictures, pricing, etc.
That's why uploading multi-variation products from some suppliers to some selling channels/marketplaces can be risky, as it results in having only one of the possible variation descriptions updated on all other variations. This means that all the variations will share the same information on the selling channel while in fact, having different one (images, size, description, etc) on the source site. 
When deciding to work with a bundled variation listing - make sure to keep this in mind. 


If you have further questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.