eBay Business Policies - China

Step-by-step guide for creating your eBay business policies for Chinese suppliers

In order to set up an eBay account, you need to create business policies. 

eBay business policies are the terms and conditions tied to listings we post on eBay. They cover three major areas: Payment, Shipping, and Return.

It is essential to create policies correctly to avoid future errors or suspensions in the account.

In this guide will cover how to opt in and create policies for Chinese suppliers.

To find out about business policies for US suppliers, click here


How To Create eBay China Business Policies 

For starters, the Chinese payment policy is identical to US Suppliers. Also, the general pattern of preparing shipping and return templates is the same, except that we select different options.

Unlike US suppliers, Chinese suppliers take longer to ship out items. Additionally, they offer international shipping to many locations. Therefore the template for these suppliers is a bit different.

We’ll use AliExpress for illustration since it is a popular Chinese supplier. However, policies may vary from supplier to supplier. If you want to work with multiple Chinese suppliers, create a separate template for each. 

Payment Policy

eBay does not allow you to create two identical payment policies. If you’ve created one for US suppliers, skip to the next section in this article called ‘China – Return Policies.’ 

Otherwise, follow these steps:

Start by clicking ‘Create policy’ and select ‘Payment.’ 

create payment policy

eBay asks you to name your policies, so it’s easier to select the appropriate one later. Since we only have one payment policy, call it ‘eBay Payments – Immediate Pay.’

We only have one payment policy, so make sure to check the box that says ‘Set as a default payment policy.’ This way, every item you add to eBay will have the policy assigned automatically. 

ebay payment policy

You’ll be able to choose how to receive payments for items tied to this policy. If you already have eBay managed payments, you won’t need to do much. Simply click the checkbox near ‘Require immediate payment when buyer uses Buy It Now.’ 

By checking this box, we ensure that customers pay in full before their products get shipped out.

This means you can accept various payment options and receive funds for these items directly to your Paypal. 

Either way, don’t select any other payment method like ‘cash,’ ‘check,’ and so on. 

For those still on the PayPal system, Checkmark ‘PayPal’ and type in your PayPal account email address. 

You’re all done with the China payment policy. Scroll down, save, and go back to the business policies page. 

payment options ebay

Return Policy

AliExpress return policies

Let’s begin with naming the policy. Go ahead and enter “AliExpress-China Return Policies.”

Next, scroll down and select your return policy options. AliExpress offers 30-day returns and charges the buyer for return costs. Additionally, they do offer replacements and exchanges.

The same policies apply to international returns. 

However, if your Chinese supplier has different policies than AliExpress, you’ll need to adjust the settings accordingly. 

Here is a default AliExpress return policy template for your convenience:

return policy template

Select these options and save your template at the bottom. 

Shipping Policies

The general pattern for a Chinese Supplier shipping policy is similar to American suppliers, but there are several important differences.

Starting with shipping policies from China to US addresses, choose a flat shipping cost for all buyers.

Then, under services, this time pick ‘Economy Shipping from outside the US (11 to 23 business days).’ Naturally, because the product is from China, it takes longer to ship to the US. 

For ‘Handling,’ choose 5 days. Some Chinese suppliers take this long to send tracking information. 

You can pick a faster handling time if you find a supplier that offers it. However, always start by offering a slower handling time and gradually increase it. The last thing you want is to watch your seller level drop because you didn’t abide by the stated handling time. 

For additional profit, you can select ‘Standard SpeedPAK from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan (8 to 12 business days)’ for those customers who want expedited shipping. 

Remember, the products anyway won’t take more than 16 days of shipping and handling.

us shipping aliexpress

International Shipping Policy

Now, scroll down to international shipping. Here Chinese suppliers’ policies differ significantly from those of US suppliers. AliExpress, for instance, offers shipping to several countries around the world. 

This enables you to increase your sales, with your product reaching more audiences from abroad.

International shipping isn’t always available from AliExpress. Additionally, some shipping locations require a charge, and the cost varies.

Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the details and set up your international shipping policies correctly.

So, begin by selecting ‘Flat: same cost to all buyers.’ This opens up your international shipping options.

We first create a default shipping option for Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia. It will be followed by an additional expedited service for the same countries.

After that, we’ll create an additional shipping service for other countries.

Under ‘Ship to,’ select ‘Choose a custom location.’ 

Pick the shipping service called ‘Economy Shipping from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan to worldwide,’ and checkmark Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia. 

Shipping cost should be $0 in each box, and click ‘Free shipping.’

Then, add an additional service which will be purely for added profit

Select the ‘choose a custom location’ option with the same countries: Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, and Australia. 

Except, this time, select the ‘Standard Shipping from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan to worldwide’ option.

Charge your customers the extra shipping cost of  $2.97 and $0.97 for each additional unit. 

International shipping aliexpress

Additional Shipping Service For Other Countries

Now let’s take care of the countries that carry an added shipping cost:

Click ‘Offer additional service,’ choose a custom location, and checkmark the following countries: N. and S. America, Mexico, Brazil, and Russian Federation. 

Select ‘Economic Shipping from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan worldwide.’ Then, enter $4.97 in the cost box and $3.97 in ‘Each Additional.’

The regular shipping cost covers the added amount we pay on AliExpress when placing orders. However, the charge for additional units is pure profit for us since we aren’t charged for it on AliExpress.

added cost shipping locations

Additional Ship-To Locations – buyers contact for costs. 

Aside from the locations we chose, AliExpress ships to many other locations worldwide. However, the cost can vary, and it may not always be a good decision for us business-wise. Therefore, eBay provides us the option to have those buyers contact us for shipping costs.

Simply select ‘Will ship worldwide.’ Under the ‘Additional ship to locations – buyers contact for costs’ option.  

worldwide shipping ebay

Exclude Shipping Locations For Chinese Suppliers

The final step to setting up international shipping from AliExpress is to exclude some locations. Unfortunately, these are locations we cannot ship to. So we need to make sure eBay does not show them to customers from those regions. 

Like we did with the US suppliers, scroll down to ‘Exclude shipping locations’ and click on ‘Create exclusion list.’ However, this time, exclude all three domestic options (Alaska/Hawaii, US Protectorates, APO/FPO).

shipping regions excluded

International exclusions will vary by continent. 

First, under Asia, click ‘show all countries’, and exclude China and Hong Kong.

Then, under ‘Central America and the Caribbean,’ click ‘show all countries’ and exclude Puerto Rico

excluded locations list

Once you’ve excluded all the countries you needed to, you’ll be able to see them at the bottom of the popup.

Finally, click ‘Save.’ 

You did it! Your Chinese suppliers’ shipping policies are all set up.

Set Your Default Policies

default policies ebay

So far, we have covered how to set multiple different eBay business policies. However, in some cases, you may want to use only one policy. For example, you only have one supplier. 

In that case, simply checkmark the ‘Set as default shipping policy’ box at the beginning of the process. 

set default policies

If you want to change the default policy, go to the eBay business policies page, where a list of all policies appears. 

Then, near the policy you want as default, click on the small arrow, and from the drop-down menu, pick ‘Set as default.’

replace default policy

How To Transfer eBay Listings From One Policy To Another

Dropshipping stores function dynamically. Sometimes we may find that our supplier changed their policies, which requires us to do the same. 

eBay provides a simple solution to this. You can create a new policy, then transfer all listings from one policy to another. 

Go to the eBay business policies page, and check the box near the policy which contains the listings you want to transfer. Now click ‘Reassign listings.’

reassign listings ebay

In the popup window that appears, select the new policy you want to transfer the listings to. Then click ‘Change.’

change policy ebay

The reassignment can take some time and won’t go into effect immediately. .

How To Assign eBay Business Policies On AutoDS

autods dropshipping platform

Creating eBay business policies may seem daunting, but it’s worth all the hard work. Once we have our policy templates ready, we can assign them to products straight from the AutoDS platform.

After adding a product as a draft on AutoDS, click on the ‘Drafts’ tab located on the left side of your dashboard. 

Then, on the product draft, click on the drop-down arrow

product draft autods

This is where AutoDS lets us make any necessary changes and additions before uploading to our store. 

Scroll down, and you’ll see all of your policy options. Because we already created our policies on eBay, we can choose which policies we want to assign to the product straight from here, saving us lots of time. 

assign policies autods

As soon as you’re ready to add the product to eBay, click ‘Import’, and it uploads directly to your store. 

Finishing Strong

If you made it this far, congratulations! You learned one of the most technical parts of opening a dropshipping store on eBay. From here, everything else should be a breeze. 

You may have spent quite a bit of time preparing your policies, especially if you’re working with multiple suppliers. Not to worry, this pays off in the long run by saving you loads of time assigning policies to each product. 

With good eBay business policies, customers know what to expect, and we streamline the buying process. Combine accurate business policies with AutoDS’s automation, and you’re on the road to a profitable store. 

Continue optimizing your eBay dropshipping experience with these gems.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the support chat - we are happy to help.