Configure your Shipping policy

AutoDS for Suppliers: Learn how to set up your shipping policy in your account

To set up your shipping policy, please go to Settings→Policies.

Policy options on this page are divided to General, Shipping policy and Return policy. 

Take a look at the requirements for each field below.


Restricted marketplaces

Choose the marketplaces where you do not wish your products to be published.


We recommend keeping the restriction list small as possible, so your products will get more exposure.


Shipping Policy

  1. What country do your products ships from-select the country you ship your products from. If you have different locations then you can choose multiple:

  2. Shipping policy description- should include any additional information our members should know about your shipping policy. For example, preferred shipping carrier, packaging requirements etc.

  3. Processing time- the processing time is between when a customer places an order and when you fulfil it. You can choose between 1-7 business days and more:


    Follow your policy to reduce complaints from customers. The shorter the processing time, the more likely our members will select your products. 

  4. Excluded shipping locations-select the shipping locations you do not ship your products to. Future orders for these locations will not be fulfilled. Note it's a dropdown with multiple selection option:

  5. Shipping time and policies- in this field, you can specify the location where shipping is allowed, the rate and the shipping time. For a complete guide on this setting, click here.

Important 📚

Any change you do on this page, will apply on all products automatically after few hours.

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please contact our suppliers team by email .