Easily build a Shopify store with AI

It's never been easier to create a Shopify store! You can get it done in minutes with AutoDS AI

Creating a Shopify store with AutoDS AI is remarkably easy and efficient.

With AutoDS pre-build Shopify store with AI, your store is created in your preferred niche, and then tasks that typically demand considerable time and expertise, like product research, optimization, and inventory management, can be automated with AutoDS platform, allowing you to focus on strategic aspects for your business.


Steps for creating AI Shopify store

Once you register to AutoDS, click on Add Store and choose Shopify store:


At this stage, you will see 3 options:

  1. I have Shopify store - Connect - It is relevant for dropshippers who already have a Shopify account and store and want to connect it to AutoDS.
  2. Pre-build store with AI  - With this option, you will receive a Shopify store and account created for you (and even new first-hand picked products in it! 🌟)
  3. I don’t have a Shopify store - create by myself - Dropshippers who do not have Shopify stores but want to create their own can use this option. Once you choose this option, you will be directed to Shopify to start building your store. 


If you wish AutoDS to create your store, click continue on option 2.

On the next page, please select your preferred niche - Fashion, home, sport, pets etc


And the AI starts building the store for you 🀩

When the AI has finished building your store, AutoDS will provide you with your Shopify login details and the steps you need to take:

  1. Proceed to your Shopify account and complete the registration on Shopify (note: you can change the email later if you want)
  2. Pay for the subscription  (1$ for 3 months)


The price for an AI Shopify store is $1 a month for the first 3 months; then you will be auto-charged according to the Shopify subscription you chose in the previous step.

You can take a look here at our Shopify subscriptions.


Important to know

  • The store is not coming empty! 🌟
    We will add your first products (between 5 and 8) from our winning products section. Then, you can add your own ones according to your niche using our marketplace.
  • If you already have a Shopify account and an AutoDS account and you add a new store with the AI, a new Shopify account will be created, but the store will be added to the existing AutoDS account.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions at the support chat πŸ™‚