How to set Automatic Messages to Your Buyers?

Learn how to set-up your Automatic messages and manage your messages through AutoDS.

Note: This article is relevant to Ebay API users only


Sending auto messages to your buyer will save you a lot of time, allow you to give good customer service - with no extra effort on your side, and will increase your feedback score. 

It will also rank you higher in the eyes of eBay's algorithm, Cassini, and will thus, give more impressions to your listings as your seller metrics will improve. 


To set the automatic messages to your customers, you must use the Orders' Processor. 

Go to Settings → Plans & Add-ons → Orders Processor and make sure you have enabled this Subscription.


After you have added your Order processor, you can set up the messages to buyers.
 Go to Settings → Store Settings → Orders → Automatic Messages to customers

In this section you will find:

  • Message type: There are 5 types/cases of messages you can send to your customers:
    1. Order was placed—will be sent to your buyer after he places the order.
    2. Tracking number available—will be sent to your buyer once tracking number is added.
    3. Order was delivered—will be sent after the order's status changes to delivered
    4. Gift message—the message on the receipt from Amazon. This option is relevant for those who uses auto orders (using their own Amazon accounts).
    5. Feedback message-the message that will be sent to your buyer. The message will be sent immediately, once the order is completed.

  • Message Content: A default message template is set in your account. You can edit the text as you wish by clicking on the Pencil Icon (). 
    Use the buttons to auto-refill the buyer's name, item's title, or Feedback URL (when you choose these options, make sure to leave space before and after the brackets).
    Once you have selected the messages you will use and formulated the text for your convenience, you can save the changes and the changes will apply to your future orders.
  • ON/OFF buttons - Turn ON/OFF the automation for your messages.


The auto-messages will be sent to all your orders - those done manually (and have the order processor add on) or automatically. 

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.