Amazon Uploads troubleshooting

While uploading listings to your Amazon selling account, you might encounter some errors related to your token and account configuration.

Please follow the clarifications below regarding your Amazon selling account settings:

  • Amazon has several selling plans; you must be subscribed to the 'Professional plan' on your Amazon account in order to connect to any software (not just AutoDS). The professional plan must remain active at all times for your AutoDS - Amazon integration to work. So if for example you have just downgraded and your professional plan still has a few days left, then you will not be able to upload, import new products. Professional plan must be active. How to Downgrade Your Amazon Seller Account in 5 Steps
  • Your Amazon store has to have permission to sell on the same region you connected it to in AutoDS. If for example you wish to sell to US and UK, then these locations must have been approved on Amazon first. You can see these here.Crisis Averted, You can Choose Your Own Account Name for the New Forums
  • The product you list on Amazon will not necessarily be active and ready to sell immediately. There are times when you need Amazon's approval first. In this case, the product will display a yellow warning saying: "You need the approval to list; request Approval via seller center. " With a direct link to the seller center when they need to ask for approval.

If you have further questions not answered in this article, please do not hesitate to turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.