What Subscription Plan AutoDS Offers?

Choose the plan that works best for you! Keep reading to learn about the different monitoring plans AutoDS offers

AutoDS offers different subscription plans for each selling platform. 

When you register, you will be directed to choose a plan.

You can also always change your plan from the settings page → plans & add-ons, make sure to choose the plan that works best for you 💪🏼.

AutoDS currently offers plans for Shopify, eBay, Facebook, Wix, WhooCommerce, Amazon and Etsy.

Please note ❗️

If you sell in multiple channels, you will need to purchase subscriptions for each channel.

Please check the featured numbers in the following image. You will find a detailed explanation of each featured number below the image):

* The plan on site is up to date, this image might be irrelevant. 

  1. Choose the selling channel - (eBay/Shopify/Facebook etc)
  2. Choose your billing cycle - We offer monthly plans with recurring payments every 30 days or annual plans and get 25% discount!  (billed once upfront)
  3. Choose your plan - Each plan offers different listing limits and features. Choose the one that aligns best with your requirements.

    Important to know 📚

    • The number of listings included in your plan sets the maximum number of items you can have listed in your store simultaneously. This is not a monthly limit; it's the overall capacity for your store. 
      For example, you chose the starter 400 plan, so the maximum number of listings you can import to your store is 400, until you will upgrade your plan.
    • If you need more listings than your plan offers, you can always upgrade to a higher-tier plan.
    • If you need a package for more than 10K  listings, click on 'Contact Sales' and you will be directed to schedule a meeting with our team to determine which package is best for you. 
  4. After you have decided which package fits you the most, Click Start now for $1 to select the plan (keep in mind that each plan includes the written features under it. If you wish to have also orders automation, (or exclude the automation of the orders) or add a virtual assistant, you will need to do it separately from your settings page after your registration).

Click here to view all our plans and pricing 🚀




  • Each plan starts with 14 days trial, then you will pay the cost of the monthly/yearly plan and add-ons you selected.
  • If you decide to change the chosen plan during the trial, you will pay the full price of the new plan.
  • Upgrades automatically charge you for the difference between the smaller plan you paid for on your subscription payment date and the relative days left in your 30 day billing cycle for the new bigger plan.
  • After trial ends, there is no option to move from Yearly plan to Monthly plan.

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.