Why does eBay suspend and how prevent it?

Manage properly your store and avoid any trouble

You could read horror stories about eBay around, the truth in almost all the cases is that the sellers didn't manage correctly their store. 
Here are some important tips to follow if you want to keep your store healthy and running in the long term.

  • Customer service 
    This's the most important rule you need to follow in any marketplace. Give the best customer service possible. eBay looks very deeply into your behavior with the customers. This means you need have:
    -Answer in time to your customers: within few hours
    -Ship all your items in time with a valid tracking number; avoid any late order
    -Take care of your open cases such as returns, cancellations
    -Avoid negative feedbacks
  • Don't list too much in new accounts
    eBay doesn't like a fast change of behavior in the accounts. This means that in new accounts you need to go slow and give eBay the time to know you and build reliability in the platform. Also don't change your selling behavior overnight, this means that if you're selling 100$ daily, don't jump to 1000$ altogether. Try to build step by step. 
    Example: go from 100$ to 200$ for few weeks, and so on.
  • Always add a tracking number
    Is crucial to add always a tracking number in the orders, if you send too many orders without a tracking number eBay could put your account under review.