Account verification process

AutoDS for suppliers: why is your account alerted that it is being verified?

When it's time to get paid and withdraw your orders' payment, you might see this alert in your account - 'Your account is being verified now'.

There are two cases where your account will be under a verification process.

  1. Before the first transaction 
  2. We recognize a growth of over $1,000 or 100% monthly (the bigger amount between them). 

For example 🧮

The previous month's payment was 500$
The current Month's payment is 2000$

The account will go under the verification process as there is a growth of more then 100% and $1,000.

The verification might take up to 3 business days.

This process will help us to ensure that all details are accurate.

Reminder 💡

Your withdrawal amount and date are determined according to the withdrawal settings you have set on the payment page.

Please contact our suppliers team by email at if you have any further questions not answered in this article.