How to Upload Products to AutoDS

AutoDS allows you to upload a single product, multiple products at once, and you can automate/schedule your uploads! Keep reading to learn how.

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There are a few ways to upload products to your eBay store using AutoDS:

  1. Regular Upload - Upload products one by one. Best for beginners who want to optimize each listing.
  2. Bulk Uploads - A feature that allows you to upload hundreds and even thousands of products with few clicks of a button - best for beginners and experienced dropshippers working by the big numbers rule. 
  3. Scheduled Uploads - Upload single products or in bulk and schedule the time and date for them to upload to your store. 
  4. Recurring Uploads - Automate your uploads! The AutoDS Finder feature will automate your uploads on a daily basis allowing you to invest your time on other important tasks.

                                                Regular Upload


Go to Uploader:

1- Paste the product URL or the source item ID.

2- Select the upload product site to see the supported source suppliers for it, and then select the supplier you are uploading from. 

3-  Check the box if you wish to upload the variations for the product. Important: On a regular upload single product upload, only the first 8 variations of the product will be uploaded. To upload all variations please upload in bulk. 

4- Select the template you wish to upload the listing with. From this section, you can also set a default template, add a new template, edit an existing template, or delete the selected template. To learn more about how to edit or add templates, click here.

5- Click 'Grab all details' to continue to edit your listing before the upload.

On the next screen you will be able to edit your listing:

1- Edit the listing title - The system will show you how many characters you have left until you reach the 80 characters limit. 

2- Click Edit variation - Edit the quantity, sell price, additional %, and $ profit and the breakeven for each variation. 

Scroll further down to see more features to edit:

1- Change the category for your eBay listings. The system will choose the first category suggested by eBay according to the product's original title. 

2- If the requested category is not in the dropdown menu, you can add it on your own. You can learn more about this feature here

3- Edit the item-specifics of the product. 

4- Add a new item-specific for your listing. 

Continue to scroll further down to see more features to edit:

1- Delete all of the listing's images.

2- Add images to the listings: You can click browse to upload an image from your computer or create a collage (4 images), a 3-image collage, set a watermark, or get image from URL. 

3- Click Refresh Template to grab the new main images selected and the new title or click "Refresh from the source site".

4- Add text and style to your listing's description - if you chose a template before you grabbed details - you will see it here and will be able to edit it. 

Continue to scroll further down to see more features to edit:

1- See the mobile view of your listing. All of our templates are mobile-friendly. 

2- Change the location of your listing - make sure to update the country and city. 

3- Decide whether you wish to upload using your default policies on eBay (available for API connected stores only) or have AutoDS create customer policies:

4- Change the monitored product source ID for the item. 

5- Add a tag - Create a new one or choose an existing to sort your active listings later on. 

6- See the dimensions of the item. They will be seen when the information is available on the source listing. 

7- This will be automatically checked - if you uncheck this the product will be uploaded to your eBay account. However, it will not be added to the active listings on AutoDS, and will not be monitored (it will appear on your 'Untracked Listings' page). 

8- Allow Marketplace - Applies to Amazon and Walmart. Checking this box allows this listing to stay in stock even when the seller is not FBA or sold by Amazon on Amazon (meaning, a prime item) or not sold by Walmart.

9- Private listing - Checking this box allows your buyers on eBay to remain anonymous.

10 - Click 'Upload Product' to upload your listing immediately. 

11- Click 'Schedule product' to schedule the upload to a different time. 


                                                  Bulk Uploads


AutoDS allows you to upload several listings at once - you can upload 1-2 or even thousands of products at once. 

Go to Uploader➞ Bulk Upload 

1 - Paste the item source IDs each on its own line as shown in the image. 

2- Upload a list from a CSV file. The file can have one column with only source IDs or two columns: one for the source ID and the other for the title of the product. If you upload only source IDs,  the listings will be uploaded with the original source ID titles. 

Here's how the files should look like: 

Source IDs only 

Source ID + Titles

3- Just like in the single item upload explained above, edit the price settings for his upload and choose the location and policies - they will be applied to all the products you are uploading in this bulk upload. 

4- Choose the following for your upload: 

Upload Variations - If checked, the system will upload all the variations to the product. 
Enable Out Of Stock Items Upload - If checked, the items that are detected as OOS (out of stock) will be uploaded anyway.
Allow Vero - If checked, products that are detected as a violation of eBay's VERO program, and items in your black keywords list will be uploaded anyway. You can learn more about the VERO feature here
Allow Marketplace - Applies to Amazon and Walmart. Checking this box allows this listing to stay in stock even when the seller is not FBA or sold by Amazon on Amazon (meaning, a prime item) or not sold by Walmart.
First Upper Letters - The system will capitalize the first letter of each word of the title. 
Duplicate Main Picture To 12 - The main image will be duplicated to 12 to fill in all of the image slots that eBay suggests. 
Private Listing - Checking this will allow your buyers on eBay to remain anonymous.
Make Collage - The system will make a four image collage as the main picture to all listings. 
Set Watermark On All Pictures - Your watermark will be set to all the images of each listing on this upload. 

                                           Scheduled Uploads 

Whether you uploaded a single item or many items in a bulk upload, you can choose to schedule the upload for a later time. This way, they will be uploaded in a selected hour and date. 
At the end of your upload, choose Schedule Upload: 
You will then be directed to choose the time on the calendar where you will see your other uploads:
Choose a day and then the hour and set the upload. 
When you schedule a bulk upload, you will have the option to choose a 'Sleep Time in Minutes' to have the system upload each listing with a time gap. So if you insert five and you had a hundred items in your file, the system will upload one listing from the file every five minutes. 


                                            Recurring Uploads

To use this feature you must use our AutoDS Finder. Learn about our product finding feature that will save you time and trouble in this help article: 

How to Find Profitable Dropshipping Products Using the AutoDS Finder Dropshipping Tool

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If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 
LUD: August 13th, 2020.