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Understanding AutoDS Dashboard

Learn how you can use our dashboard to get the statistics on your business.

Watch this tutorial for a quick overview of the dashboard, make sure to also check the FAQ at the bottom of this article: 




Q: I cannot see the orders I received today. Why is that? 

A: AutoDS will show only orders received in the last 24hr. They will be displayed according to our server time which is UTC+0/GMT+3. You can use this time converter to check it. Simply add another line with your location and timezone, add the time the order was received and you will see if the order is in the 24hrs of our server location time. 


Q: I received orders today and it seems that the profit from these orders is not factored in the dashboard statistics. Why is that? 

A: If your Orders Processor is turned off, the system will calculate the profit of all orders that are on a 'Standby' mode. If the Orders Processor is turned on, the system will only factor in the profit of the orders that on 'Ordered' mode.