How to Set Up the Products Monitor?

Learn how to set up the monitor, which is in charge of the stock status and the pricing of your listings

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To access the Products Monitor go to Monitors→ Products Monitor

This classic feature has evolved with time to offer extensive customization options.


The products monitor offers general settings and also specific settings for each supplier.
IMPORTANT: If you only set up the general settings and didn't edit at all of the specific supplier's settings, the general settings will be applied to your active listings and onto your new uploads for all suppliers. Only when you edit the specific supplier will this supplier's setting will override the general settings.  

To make changes on each setting, click on the pencil icon to open the edit page:

General Settings:

Default Break Even - The Break-even which will be used when you upload a new item via the uploader tab. Read this help article to learn how to set the break-even correctly.

Additional $ - The additional numeric amount (changes by the currency of your store) you wish to add to each listing when uploading. 

Additional % - The additional percentage amount you wish to add to each listing when uploading. 

End Untracked Listings - If you will check this option the system will END all the listings you have on your untracked listings page (all the listings that are not monitored by AutoDS) - If you just moved from another re-pricer and you still didn't sync your listings please DO NOT check this box.

Quantity To Raise To: The quantity the system should set when uploading and once they become available again.

Dynamic Policy Creation: This feature allows you to work with different sellers on Amazon and non-prime products with more confidence since it automatically calculates the shipping time while keeping your active listings shipping policy updated at the same time.
For more information about this feature please read this article:

Minimum Allowed Quantity In Stock: The monitor will check the quantity available on the supplier listing. If it exceeds the value you set up, the system will place the listing as unavailable (OOS) for protection. If it has less than the units you set up, the item will stay in stock. For example: If you choose a minimum of 5 units and the source listing has only 3 units available for sale - the system will change the quantity of this item to zero 0 until the next scan which detects a higher unit quantity. 

Round Price To .99: The monitor will round the price to the nearest .99 - If after the calculation of break-even, additional $ profit and additional % profit the selling price will be .50  it will round the selling price up - If it will be less than 50 - it will round to the lower .99 - Note: This feature may make the final profit less than the minimum profit you have set up.

Maximum Shipping Time: On each scan (every 1 hour), the system checks the total number of days it takes the product to be delivered to the buyer. The system will then cross-check it with the number of days you have inserted in this field and will place items with longer shipping days as not available (= quantity 0/ Out of Stock/ OOS). 

Automatic SKU Filling: if checked - when uploading new products, the monitor will automatically upload them with Source ID as SKU on eBay. If not checked, the system will apply a unique SKU that cannot be tracked back to the source site (recommended). 

Each supplier will have similar fields as the general settings. However, each supplier might have additional fields that do not apply to the general ones.


Amazon Settings:

Dynamic Break-Even - Read this to learn how this feature works. 

Monitoring Validations 

Prime: If this box is checked, the system will check if your Amazon-sourced active listings participate in Amazon's 'Prime' feature. If they are not, the system will place them as unavailable as protection (setting their quantity to 0 -OOS).

Allow Add-on Items: If this box is checked, the monitor will place ADD-ON items on Amazon to be shown as In-stock on eBay. Note: Amazon no longer allows add-ons items to be added to the cart with other items and split to different addresses. That's why we DO NOT recommend allowing add-on items on your account as you will not be able to fulfill the order.

Allow Suppliers Table: AutoDS monitors the price from the BuyBox supplier - however, if this box is checked and the buybox listing is out of stock, or not prime, the monitor will check the suppliers' table and will monitor the seller by your settings. The system will only monitor sellers with a minimum of 80% feedback and 500 ratings. Only the first page of the suppliers' list will be checked.

First Prime / Cheapest: Checking this box tells the system which supplier, on the first page of suppliers, you would like to monitor - the cheapest one or the first prime on the list. 

Walmart Settings:

Sold By Walmart: If this box is checked, the system will check if your monitored products are Sold by Walmart or by another seller on Walmart. If it finds products that are not sold by Walmart, it will place them as unavailable (OOS). 

Include Shipping Price: Walmart offers free shipping for orders summing up to a minimum of $35.  If the item's price is lower than $35 and is sold by Walmart, AutoDS adds $5.99 (the cost of shipping) to the source price as a protection if you check this box.

Once you finished setting up all suppliers, turn the Products Monitor on:

If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 
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Last Updated: July 19th 2020