Reasons Why a Product is In Stock on the Source Site and OOS on AutoDS

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AutoDS Settings

  1. Products Monitor - is turned ON in working Mode
  2. Maximum Shipping Time
  3. Minimum Allowed Quantity in Stock
  4. Add on items

eBay Settings

  1. Use the out-of-stock option
  2. No other connected 3rd party apps
  3. Manual changes done on eBay

Amazon Info

  1. Item is no longer Prime
  2. Page doesn't exist on Amazon
  3. Refurbished Product
  4. Product is Prime but not in 2-Days Shipping
  5. Product is no longer available on Buy-Box
  6. The product ASIN has changed on Amazon
  7. Not good enough sellers on the suppliers' table

There might be cases when a product will appear as in Stock on the source site yet Out of Stock (OOS) on your account. In most cases, if you wait up to one hour for the next scan you will see the product will go back in stock ( this is because you were watching the listing before or while it was scanning). 

If this is not the case, here are a few ways you can check why the listings are OOS on your account: 

You can get to the OOS listings on your account from the dashboard page.

Dashboard → Out of Stock Listings

On the last column under 'Status' on the right hand of the screen you can see the stock status and the reason for it. If you hover over the yellow button Show Reason.

At this point, you might be able to understand why your product is OOS and you can make changes to correct it. 

A product will appear as OOS due to your settings (which can be changed of course) or due to the reason it is no longer available on the source site. 

Let's begin with the settings:

AutoDS Settings

  1. Products Monitor  - is turned ON 

A first and very important step is to check that the price monitor is indeed ON and working. 

Monitors→ Products Monitor

In case you have a green button with the text START MONITOR`you should click on it as soon as possible.

2. Maximum Shipping Time
Every scan the system will check the total number of days it takes the product to arrive to the buyer. It will then cross check it with the number of days you have inserted under - Maximum Shipping Time.

This setting is meant to verify that the products you are selling comply with the shipment policy you have created on eBay for these listings. In that case, if you are working with 1-3 days shipping and 3 handling days, this gives you 6 business days to make sure the buyer gets the order. So you should set 6 days under 'Maximum Shipping Time' (you can even set it on 8  it counts the days and does not factor in only business days).

If the number of maximum days is set too small than many products might go OOS in your account- please make sure the number of days set is compatible with the time frame under the source site. There are different settings for each of our suppliers (each supplier has its own settings under its tab).
 If you did not set the maximum shipping time for each provider, the default Max Shipping Time will be pulled from the General Settings. 

Here is how you check this setting: 

On Amazon, sometimes a product is under prime membership yet it is not offered with 2 days shipping and has a notification like this:

It means that days or sometimes months might pass until the product will even be shipped. In these cases, you will get a notification that the item's shipping time is longer than the one you have set. The system will check your settings and will place the item OOS. 

For these unique cases we have created our dynamic policy creation feature which applies to Amazon only.
Please read more here:

3. Minimum Allowed Quantity in Stock

In some cases, a product on the source site can have only a few units left in stock. Under the Products Monitor and the specific supplier, you have an option to set the minimum allowed quantity in stock. The number you choose will be the minimum allowed number to have and when the number of units on the source site drops below it - the system will place the item as OOS.

You can change these settings under: 

Monitors→ Products Monitor → Minimum Allowed Quantity in Stock (choose the settings for your suppliers)

In case your settings are correct the reason for the OOS status depends on the status of the product on the source site. 

eBay Settings

  1. Use the out-of-stock option

It might be possible you have not checked this setting on your eBay account. This setting is crucial as without it eBay will not allow AutoDS to change the number of your listings to 0 - meaning, setting it as out of stock. Not having it checked will cause an opposite situation, the item will be OOS on AutoDS but will remain available to purchase on your eBay account. 

On your eBay account go to:

Account Settings --> Site Preference 

Make sure that the box is checked:

2. No other connected 3rd party apps

When you have other software with permission to change your listing still active, it can create a mess with your monitoring. As AutoDS might place your listings as available while the other software changes it to OOS and vice versa.
Please make sure no other software has authorization on your account. Go to your eBay account: 

My eBay -> Account -> Account Settings -> Site Preferences -> Third-party authorizations

(to remove other apps you are not familiar with check them and click revoke  -> Revoke this authorization --> Apply)

3. Manual changes done on eBay

When you're making manual changes directly on your eBay account, AutoDS will not be able to track them. So an item might appear as OOS on AutoDS but will be available on your eBay account due to the change you've made. Please make all necessary listing updates directly on AutoDS. In some cases, the sync with eBay button on the Active listings can help. Read more about it here

The following explanation concerns Amazon as the source supplier: 

Amazon Info

We'll start with an important explanation: when you click on the link to the product directly from the platform (the active listings page or the list of OOS) the info you get comes directly from your connected prime account and in most case you see an old display of the web page on Amazon. 

AutoDS monitoring is done through a non-connected Amazon account and from INCOGNITO mode web surfing, thus it is exposed to the most updated data of the products. 

For more on how to open an incognito browser:

There are different reasons why a product can be OOS:

  1. Item is no longer Prime

A product will be OOS when it is no longer prime. This is the Products Monitor default setting which is meant to protect most users who choose to work with only prime products. To check whether a product is in prime or not you should do the following:

Open a new incognito window as was explained above and paste the ASIN in the search field on Amazon. 

Here is an example of a product that is no longer prime.

It is sold and shipped by a 3rd party supplier. In case you wish to monitor this specific item, you need to check the:  Allow marketplace under the settings of the item -this is only valid of these specific listings. 

Of course you should also check what is the shipping time for this item and allocate the right policy for it. 

In case you wish to work with 3rd party suppliers as a general rule, you can uncheck the box from the field called - Prime on the Products Monitor settings

2. Page doesn't exist on Amazon

When we look for the ASIN as was explained above (incognito), we will get this result:

Or this one:

The product is no longer available on Amazon and you are recommended to remove or replace it.

3. Refurbished Product

When the status of a product changes from 'new' to 'refurbished' on Amazon the system will take it OOS. This is because your listings are being uploaded as 'new' condition on eBay - once an item is Certified Refurbished it is against eBay's policies so the system protects you by placing it as OOS. If you still wish to sell this item you will have to do the following - you go to eBay and change the condition to Certified Refurbished by revising the listings. Secondly, you will have to edit the item and change the quantity to more than 0 and disable stock monitoring - please note this listing will no longer be monitored for stock.

4. Product is Prime but not in 2-Days Shipping

In cases like this, you will see that the product is prime, yet it is not offered a 2 days shipping. Check the list from incognito and see what is the suggested shipping time as shown here: 

The item is in prime, shipped by Amazon, yet it is offered a STANDARD delivery. 

Or a case like this:

The product is prime but you can see the text: Get it as soon as

You can calculate and see the shipping time exceeds the 2 days delivery time and therefore the system placed it OOS.

5. Product is no longer available on Buy-Box

What is the Buy-Box?
The Buy-Box is the product that appears first on the search results of the same ASIN. In case you are looking for the ASIN and the result you get is:

Available from other sellers

The meaning is that the product is no longer available in the buy box and is available from other suppliers under the supplier table. 

Supplier's Table - How it works?

For AutoDS to monitor from the supplier's table you need to check the 'Allow supplier's table'. Nevertheless, if the product exists in the buybox it will be monitored from it. Only if the buy box has no sellers (by the text 'available from these sellers') or if there's not a prime product in the buy box then our system will go and check other sellers from the supplier's table. Notice that only sellers from the supplier's table with a minimum rating of 500 and feedback of 80% will be chosen and only from the first page of results - this is done to protect you from bad sellers. 

6. The product ASIN has changed on Amazon

There are some cases when the ASIN of the product changes. In this case, the product will go OOS and you will get this notice: 

This notice gives you a recommendation for a new ASIN. You will need to change the monitored listings assuming it's the same item or replaces it altogether. 

For more on how to change an existing source ID:

Check out these other pages that we think you will find useful:

If after reading this article you are still left with questions, please address as at the support chat with the product identifier and we will be happy to help. 

Last updated 30.4.19