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Non-API: Uploads Failures and Solutions

A quick troubleshooting guide for AutoDS manual dropshipping solution

This article explains AutoDS V1, our OLDER version.

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First of all, we need to clarify that in order for the different monitors to be working on a Non-API store, the chrome extension should be on and working at all times unless you have updated the FileExchange token when you added the extension. Working without the FileExchange token requires you to have the extension ON at all times for monitoring and uploading to work.

Check this article to learn about the non-API solution with the file Exchange token. 

If you uploaded items on your non-API store, but after some time you still do not see your uploads on eBay, or you can see on your schedule calendar that they have been stuck in process for too long, check out these steps for resolution:

  1. Check the Manual Dropshipping Chrome extension: 

Open your extension and make sure that all monitors are running. 

Non-API version without the FileExchange Token:

Non-API version with the FileExchange Token:

***The one with the FileExchange token has fewer monitors and buttons. 


If all monitors are working on both versions, you need to click on the bell icon in the top right corner and check the notifications. 

If you see the following notification, it means that the extension was disconnected and you need to follow the process to reconnect it, by clicking on the link.


**Important:  Even if you see your eBay account connected, it doesn't mean that it's connected to the extension. It is crucial that you click the button and follow the process again, till it gets you to the File Exchange page of eBay.
If you click on it, and it already directs you to the File Exchange page, it means that you have successfully reconnected it. 

It's highly recommended that, after you reconnect the extension, you clear out the logs, to keep track of what is new after this is done. 


The next step will only work with the version with the FileExchange token:

After you reconnect the extension, all you need to do is to go back to your Scheduled uploads calendar, open the Upload with the "Eye" icon and click the button "Change Downloaded to Pending"

After that, you can click the "Upload pending uploads to eBay" button on your extension, and the process should start.

2. Check the status of the upload in the Upload Results page on File Exchange

You can click the following link directly, to open up your Upload Results page on eBay's File exchange:

This is the page and this is how it should look:

On this page, you have all the reports for adding and revising your items.
Here you have a column called "Uploaded File*" (Request File) and another column called "Load Results Report*" (Response File).

If for some reason your items fail, you can find here the reason why by downloading these 2 files (Click the "Download" button).

The Request file should say "Add" in the first column and not "Revise". The "Add" file contains the info for uploading new listings,  while the "Revise" file sends the changes of your existing listings. 

Below is an example of the file that sends the items' information for uploading (Request file) 

And here is an example of its Response File:

In the column "Error message" of your file, you can see the reason why an item was not uploaded. 

From here, and depending on the error received - eg if you need to add item specifics -  all you need to do is to edit the listing by following these simple steps: 

a) Go to your scheduled uploads calendar, and view the listings  - Their status should be "Downloaded", so move them back to Pending, the way we mentioned above, and once you do, you can click the little Notebook button, to open the Full Edit of the item: 


b) Edit the information needed and save. Then click the button "Upload Pending Listing to eBay" in your extension, as described above. 

3. The item was listed but you still don't see it in your Active Listings page

If for some reason the item doesn't appear in your active listings, but you have received a confirmation that it was listed, all you need to do is click the button "Update Upload Results to AutoDS"  in your extension. 


The items will appear directly. 

If for some reason the items do not appear at all or appear in the Untracked listings page, you can connect them to Active Listings by using either a file of eBay id's and source id's, or by connecting them manually, selecting the selling site and source site, and adding the source ID in the field shown below. 

Find out more about how to connect your untracked items here.


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If you have further questions that were not answered in this article, please do not hesitate and turn to us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you. 
LUD: Oct 16th, 2020