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FAQ on AutoDS' Non-Api Manual Solution Extension

Go over some of the most asked questions our users want to know about our Non-API manual solution

This article explains AutoDS V1, our OLDER version.

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How much does it cost to add a Non-API store?

It costs $9.97 per store, per month.

Do I still have to pay the monthly subscription for my items?

Yes, the monthly subscription refers to the number of listings that are monitored through your account. The Non-API store subscription is added to the regular monthly plan.

Can I use AutoDS Finder with the Non-API version?

Yes! AutoDS Finder is now supported for Non-API stores. You can read more about this feature in this guide

Will I be able to set up recurring uploads?

The recurring upload feature of the Finder is not available on non-API stores.

Do I need both my extension and browser to be open for monitoring?

Yes, both of them must be open and running if you did not update the File Exchange token. If you have, keep them open only for untracked listings and new order updates. You can learn more about the FE token in this article

I received an email from eBay’s file exchange every hour. Is this normal? 

A: Yes, it is, as the browser and extension are open, and the eBay account is connected.  These emails verify that the monitor scans for untracked listings and orders. You can create a filter on your Gmail account to skip the inbox if that bothers you. 

I have a notification that says: Please sign in to your eBay account here, then try again. What does this mean?

It means that you probably closed your browser, eBay tab, or that eBay was inactive and signed you out, so the extension could not update your account. All you need to do is sign back into your eBay account, and all should work properly.

Can I convert my existing store to non-API? 

Yes, All you need to do is click Add eBay account→ Add a Non-API store, and write your store's name. After your store is created, contact us in the Customer Support chat to help you transfer your Non-API store listings. Once the process is done, you can remove the API store with the “Remove eBay account.” It is also recommended to revoke the 3rd-part authorization on eBay:

My eBay Account Account Settings Site Preferences Third-party AuthorizationsRevoke. Click here to go to the direct page on eBay.

I changed my mind, and I want to convert my Non-API store to a regularly connected store. Is this possible? 

Yes, the only thing you need to do is click Add new eBay account on your Settings page and connect the store as usual or contact us in the support chat to help you.

Can I change my non-API store name after I add it to AutoDS? 

Yes, you will need to contact us in the customer support chat, and we can do it for you. 

Can I have auto-ordering with my manual drop-shipping store? 

Yes, you can. When you receive an order, it will be synced through the extension directly to your AutoDS account, and the auto-order will be sent. 

Notice: New orders will be synced to your account and processed automatically only when the extension is on, and you are logged in to your eBay account on the same browser. 

Do I also get to have the 3 automatic messages to my customers through the manual option? 

Unfortunately, the auto messages are not supported on non-API stores. 

Do I get to have my tracking number updated when it's available from the supplier? 

Tracking number updates on your eBay account are not available for manual stores. However, the system will update the tracking numbers on your AutoDS orders, and you will be able to copy it and then manually add it to your eBay order.  

I need BCE conversion for my tracking numbers. Will this feature work? 

Yes, BCE conversion will be available if you have the orders processor enabled. You will get the BCE number updated on your AutoDS order. You will then need to copy it and paste it on your order on eBay.

Will my item's price increase after a sale or decrease if I have it set in the orders' monitor for my manual-store? 

A: Yes, the price optimization system will work on a non-API store. You can read more about it here

I want to try this manual dropshipping feature. Do I have to pay for the store also in the $1 trial? 

No. You can add a manual dropshipping store, and you will not pay any additional fee while on trial. The amount of $9.97 will be charged once the trial ends. 

I received the error "Please enter a valid name. Special characters are not allowed", but my store consists of special characters in the name. What shall I do? 

Special characters and characters from different languages are not considered valid for the system, but this is not an issue. You can add any name for your store, and it will be approved, as far as it's not already added in AutoDS.
If, for example, your store name is "Store1$", you can change it to "Store1" or "Store1dollar". It will still be your store. 

Can I end or relist my items from my manual-store directly on AutoDS? 

Yes, ending or relisting items from AutoDS is supported in a bulk action only. You can learn more about bulk changes here


I can see my business policies when uploading an item on my non-API store. However, the system uploads my listings with different policies. Why is that?

It is not possible to use your business policies on your non-API store. Thus, the system creates manual policies for your uploaded items. 

I see that my orders do not appear with the correct order by the time they were received. Is this normal?

Yes, the files received from eBay's File Exchange contain only the day on which the order was received. That's why your orders might not appear in the correct order by the time they were received.

Will the views/watchers of my listings appear on the active listings page?

No, this because this information is not provided in the file exchange files coming from eBay.


The non-API extension is not supported on Chromebooks.



If you have further questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to address us at the support chat - we will be more than happy to assist you.

March 24th, 2021