How increase eBay Selling Limits faster?

Lear how to speed up your selling limits!

eBay official claims that it will automatically increase the selling limits once every 30 days or that you can ask for it using the "Increase selling limits button."
Unfortunately, this doesn't work very often, and increasing eBay limits can be a huge problem for new sellers that need to list more items on the platform.
But don't worry,  today you'll learn how to increase your selling limit faster!
To raise the eBay selling limits on your account, follow these steps:
  1. Go to Help & Contact Page
  2. Click “Selling” on the box below.
  3. Click “Selling Limits”
  4. Click "Chat with us."
When the bot asks you about what you need help for, type:
"Agent" and then type "Limits."
The bot will tell you to wait for an Agent. Press "YES."
Now you're on chat with an agent, ask him to increase your selling limit because you're getting new stock.
I suggest you contact the agent just when you almost exceed your selling limits (they appear red on your Seller Hub dashboard).
Next, the agent will ask you few questions.
Usually, the questions are pretty the same (or similar):
  • Where do you get your stock from?
  • What is your suggested shipping time?
  • Who are your suppliers?
  • Do you have the items in your possession?
If your account is NON-API and you want to avoid being flagged, don't tell them you're dropshipping or that Amazon or other retailers are your suppliers. Just tell them you use local suppliers in your area. 
The agents can increase your selling limits to around 70% above your current limits. For example, if you have 100 / 1000, you'll probably get a 170 / 1700 increase.
Note: this is just an example!
Now that you got your selling limits increase, how can you increase them faster next time?
Let me share a secret with you. They don't increase just once in 30 days. That's done by their automatic system checking your account, and it is pretty slow.
 If you contact them after few days, they will usually increase your limits again, but be sure to make some sales during this time and use all your current selling limits!
You can have your selling limits increased every 4-6 days if you use them all and if you keep getting sales and provide good customer care!
 But be sure don't run too fast on new accounts. Take it slow and safe!

When you reach the 500.000$ allowance on your selling limits, the agents will not be able anymore to increase them. Your request will be passed to the back office for an account review. Be sure you have good metrics, and don't ask for more than this before at least some months of good sales.